Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Power of Suggestion

While I was cooking dinner tonight, Russ and Sophie were snuggled together on the couch, looking for something to watch on TV.  As Russ was flipping through the channels, Sophie suddenly shouted out, "Ooo!  Go back!  What's that?!"

"That's 'The Pirates of the Carribean - Curse of the Black Pearl', " Russ said.

Sophie clapped her hands over her face, "Oh, nooooooo, Daddy.  Now I'm going to have bad dreams!"

Russell said, "What?  There wasn't anything scary on the TV....those were just the opening credits."

Sophie promptly replied, "It doesn't matter.  You said the word 'curse'.  Anytime I hear the word 'curse', I have a bad dream!"

Russ said,  "Huh.  So if I say the words 'cotton candy', do you dream about cotton candy?"

Sophie put her head down on the coffee table and let out an enormous sigh. 

"Oh, just great.  Tonight I'm gonna dream about cursed cotton candy."


Russ said...

There is NOTHING scarier than cursed cotton candy. That is a nightmare waiting to happen.

Kritter Krit said...


You know, hubs of mine, I think you're the only one reading the blog these days. It's kind of pitiful to see the comments section all sad and lonely like it's been.

I should probably just tell you this stuff over the dinner table. You know? :-D

Anonymous said...

There are other people out here reading your blog, in fact I check in daily to see what that adorable girl of yours is up to. Please keep letting the world know what is going on with you and your family. Thanks

Jamie said...

He's not the only one. I LOVE your blog.


Krista said...

I also thoroughly enjoy your blog and hate when you take blogging breaks!! :)

Laura said...

I LOVE your blog and have been following it for over a year now. I'm always checking for a new post. I work in adoptions so I especially loved to read about your journey with adoption. Can't tell you the times I've laughed out loud at your every day stories. Keep up the blogging!

Anonymous said...

Loving that picture!


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