Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yesterday's Fun Little Fiasco...

(*At this point I've made the decision to omit names to protect the guilty parties. I want to wait for a response to the email I sent to the owner/head stylist before I start yip-yapping all over town and putting up billboards. For now, in homage to "Raising Arizona" - a movie we should all turn to in times of crisis, we're using code names.)

I find myself in unfamiliar territory.

I've been a client at This Particular Salon for a little over a year now. I started using them on the recommendation of a friend, after my fabulously amazing hairdresser in Albuquerque refused to move to Arkansas. (I can still see the look on Jack's face when I suggested he and his tight leather black jeans, floral lavender silk shirt, and boyfriend might enjoy relocating to the Bible Belt.) My regular stylist has been on vacation, so this past weekend I decided to try Perky Girl - the new super cute, super fashionable stylist at This Particular Salon.  (Does anyone else do this: We look at the stylists to help assess their hair-cutting abilities?  If they're cute or cool with cute hair, we think hey!, they can make me cute and cool, too!  If they have fried orange hair or they look like they're channeling Farrah circa 1979, we strongly consider feigning an illness and high-tailing it outta there.)

I went in on Saturday basically just wanting her to touch up my color/highlights.  I normally just add some auburn and chestnut highlights into my natural medium brown base for shine and depth.  Nice, boring, and easy, right?  What can I say, I like ruts.  Perky Girl and I talked extensively before she started coloring.  We studied my roots, I showed her some pictures, we looked at the little "hair swatches" in the book...yada yada. I could see some hesitance on her face.  I don't know, something just seemed to be off.  She seemed slightly timid (which should've been my cue to bolt from the chair), but I ignored the Inner Voice and bravely stupidly forged ahead.

Four hours later (yes, you read that right), I walked out with very dark, very I-did-my-own-dye-job-out-of-a-box-at-home hair. You guys have been kind in your critique of it on Facebook, but in person it looked like a bad toupee. Cruella deVille, with a bad toupee.

Maybe with a pointy hat and a broom or Seven Dwarfs, it would be a fun twist for Halloween.  But it was certainly not what I had in mind.

So I went back yesterday (she assured me she could make it right, and she really is a very sweet girl, so I wanted to give her a chance - plus I'd already plunked down my ridiculously large sweaty wad of cash, so I felt like I was kind of up a creek in terms of options). This time, instead of using pictures from a magazine as a reference, I printed out several pictures of myself, to remind her what my hair color used to be and what I wanted it to be again. After sitting in her chair for a few minutes, Perky Girl let out a big sigh and admitted that the color had turned out "quite a bit darker" than she'd expected.  She apologized and thanked me for the opportunity to make things right.  Ah, precious darling.  I resisted patting her.  No problem, we all make mistakes. The room was all 'a twinkle with sweetness.  And actually, her admission gave me a bit more confidence in her ability to get it right this time. I mean, at least she could recognize a botched job when she saw it! A step in the right direction, right?


After the tick-tock crawl of yet ANOTHER four hours in her chair, she lifted the towel to reveal my new 'do. I clapped my hand over my mouth to suppress a scream. I'm crappin' you negative, I looked exactly like a character from Knots Landing. Turns out, unbeknownst to me, she had used bleach (as in:  what you use to disinfect your toilet and whiten your socks) to "highlight" my hair and then she had painted on a toner over it. The finished product was kind of a gray-green hue with billions of platinum blond/almost white streaks. It looked like the old frosted hairdo of the early 80's. It was AWFUL.  I didn't have my cell phone/camera with me, but rest assured, had I, you would have been provided a quality wet-your-pants momento.  It was all kinds of comical.  Or it would've been had I been able to take it off, put it on a shelf, put my real hair back on and walk away.

I know it's just hair, but I immediately burst into tears. When Perky Girl saw how distraught I was, she burst into tears.  I was squalling. She was squalling. It was quite the display of Estrogen Fabulousness, let me tell you.  Another stylist who was there late with a client came over to see who had died.  After sizing things up, she said the only thing that could really be done at that point was to put another toner on it, so that's what they did. Which was supposed to slightly darken The Trainwreck and give it some nice auburn undertones, but which actually just reverted it back to its previous flat Cruella color. 

So eight combined hours later (approximately the amount of time it takes to do a complex surgery), I walked out with my toupee again. Only now it has kind of a burgundy glow to it.  Very special.  Especially in the moonlight.

The words that escaped my mouth on the drive home, admittedly, were not very lady-like.

No, they were not.

At this point I'm not sure what to do. Really, I'm scared to let anyone do much of anything, for fear my hair will wave the white flag of surrender and just start jumping off my head in clumps. Which, actually, might be a preferable look to what I have now.


A little perspective, Kristy. Think of the starving children in Africa.


floreksa said...

Oh no!!!!!! I once went in for highlights and walked out w/ a complete head of gray hair.

I was 19.

My mom tried convincing me it was blond. The 7 year old girl I was caring for that summer immediately asked my why I dyed my hair gray.

Not good. Did the toner route. I spent the summer w/ fake Barbie blond hair.

Josh and Margo said...


Kritter Krit said...

Josh, you guys can come see the toupee in person, if you bring your cutie patootie daughter with you.

As for my character on Knott's Landing, no, you may not see her. She was killed by a bottle of toner. May she rest in peace.

bethany actually said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! That's traumatic. It might be only hair, but it's the hair you have to live with! I think you should definitely not take it out on the poor stylist, but talk to the owner of the salon and politely request that someone with experience in CORRECTIVE COLORING fix your hair. They should do it without charging you another dime. (Maybe do some internet research first, so you have an idea of what they should be doing?)

Also, you know, I find that the stylists with orange zebra-striped hair are often the best! My current stylist (who I wanted to take with me to San Diego when we moved there from Maryland, and whom I'm now driving 65 miles to patronize every six weeks because she is THAT GOOD) has a bunch of tattoos, nose and eyebrow piercings, and when I met her had black hair with bleached-orange bangs. She's the sweetest person and does FABULOUS things to my hair. So you never know.

Good luck! :-)

Kritter Krit said...

Okay, Bethany, that's wild. Right before I read your comment, I got a call from the lead stylist.

As it turns out, this particular salon is composed of "independent contractors". Basically one girl, who functions as the head stylist, owns the building. However, it seems all of the stylists own their particular booth and function as a private business under the blanket of the business name. I say all that to say, to get my money back (as many have suggested), I would have to get it directly from Perky Girl. (Lord knows THAT would be a fun little moment. And the poor girl really does feel terrible, I can tell. She seems pretty tenderhearted.) The lead stylist has offered to consult with my regular stylist (when she gets back on Thursday) and fix my hair for free. Basically on her dime. She has twelve years experience coloring hair, and according to her clients on FB, she is beyond awesome. Apparently they wait in droves to see her, and you have to book 2 apts out to ensure you have a spot. And the amount that I've already paid, which is too ridiculous to actually name, is a lot to just fart away. Pardon my bluntess, I just caught sight of myself in the reflection of the monitor...ugh. I guess God will be teaching me humility and perspective until at least Thursday. Maybe longer if my hair needs more of a break in between traumatic events. *sigh*

P.S. Good advice about asking about their experience in CORRECTIVE coloring (since it's a WHOLE different animal). I didn't think to specifically ask that. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, what a nightmare! I hope they can get it fixed soon. It sounds like "perky girl" may need a little more training in coloring.


Anonymous said...

so maybe i'm not seeing it but i really like dark hair and it makes your blue eyes look amazing!

if you don't like it, though, that is not acceptable. :-)

i go to david james salon in rogers and really like craig if you ever feel like you just can't show your face in The Salon That Shall Remain Unnamed.

Kritter Krit said...

Aw, thanks, Aimee. You're sweet! The problem I have with it is (a.) It's TOTALLY not what I asked for - I went in thinking I was getting brown hair with auburn highlights. I walked out with Snow White hair. and (b.) It has no depth to it. It's just flat and lifeless-looking.

Thanks for the suggestion in Rogers. One good thing that seems to be coming out of this is I'm getting some really good recommendations for salons/stylists.

Anonymous said...

oh.my.gosh. that's all i can say. and for you to go buy plenty of chocolate to get through this hair debacle. i feel for you. i hope you got your money back!

~Kelly A

Anonymous said...

I would have hurt someone. (In my head, not literally.) That's terrible. When does your regular stylist come back? A refund should have already been offered, in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

I used to leave the beauty shop and cry sometimes. It is so important to be happy with your 'do'. Hopefully your color will get fixed, and you will be happy with the results.


Anonymous said...

Kristy.......I have been there. I was in a wedding and wanted my hair to be perfect for my cousins wedding and they turned my hair into a PEACH PIT! I could not believe it. Here in 2 days I had to wear a Barney Purple bridesmaid dress with PEACH HAIR! What a combo! So I went to my old trusty old country hair dresser and she died my hair dark brown. And you know I have blonde hair to begin with. But.......there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am finally blonde again. Don't fret my dear! It will get better I promise.


Your Texas Sister

Anonymous said...

The good news is when you get my age, it is too stressful and causes too many wrinkles to get upset. I used to leave the hair dresser in tears and would not go anywhere until I got it fixed. However, so many things look bad on me that the hair is really a minor thing.

I do know, however, that you have a lot of thick hair and can't fix easily. Sorry, sweetheart. Come and visit us and I will hug and kiss you and make it better. :-)

Mama Yates

Anonymous said...

Hey watch the way you talk about my favorite show of all times. Actually I watched a reunion for Knots Landing a few years ago and it was so sappy that it made me wonder why I watched the original show all those years ago and thought it was wonderful.

I am sure your hair isn’t THAT BAD so relax, take a Valium and remember it will grow out.


Kritter Krit said...

Ah, Emily. You do have a way with words, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Actually Cheech, I like Snowwhite. I'm sure Sophs would be willing to be one of the dwarfs and you already have a Doc in the house. By the way, the look worked for Elvis and just think how successful he was. This may be the start of a whole new persona for you. Keep smiling.
I love you.

Anonymous said...

O.K., Cheech, I realize I'm your mother, and you think I have to say something nice, but I think you look beautiful in that picture!!!! Your normally really blue eyes look even bluer (is that a word?). In the picture, your hair looks shiny and healthy. My advice: leave it alone. Your hair grows fast. If you don't like it, it'll be gone. My other advice: the girl admitted she messed up. You should get some, if not all, of your money back. That's my two cents, for what it's worth.

Kritter Krit said...

Aw, sweet Mooms! Smooch! And Faf, too.

You know, Donatella Versace's mother probably thinks she's beautiful, too. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Here's my hair coloring story:

Once, when Bekah was in college in Phoenix, I went to visit her. She asked me to highlight her hair, which I was 100% certain I could do (even though I admitted I had never even touched a Clairol box in my entire life.) I had watched more than my fair share of "What Not To Wear" when they added highlights to hair. How hard could it be, right?

About 3 hours, a whole roll of Glad kitchen aluminum foil, a box of highlighting goop, and some good girl-gab later, we stood staring at the horrible thing I had done. Bekah looked like she had polka-dotted hair. Brown hair, with circles of blondish-red all over the crown of her head. It was horrifying. She just sat there, letting me part it from the weirdest places on her head in an attempt to hide the spots. Nothing worked.

To her credit, Bekah never made me feel bad. She just said, "Well, you said you had never done it before." I, however, felt AWFUL. I had turned my sister into something that belonged in a zoo. Something that should blend in with the scenery in Africa. And I was college-poor. I had no money to offer to send her to a salon to get it fixed!

Thankfully, she had a friend from the dorm that was pretty adept at coloring hair, and worked miracles over the spotted leopard look. I was so relieved to find out she had found a fix.

And I have never under-estimated the power of a well-trained stylist again. Nor have I touched a Clairol box.

Hope you get your hair fixed soon! :o)

~Rachel G.

Anonymous said...

Kristy you shoould do like Grandma George, just wash it everyday, comb it and be on your way. Then there is noone to blame but the parents and grandparents who gave you those genes.

I love you. Hi Sophie and Russell. I love you too.


Jen Forbes said...

Wet my pants at Knots Landing.
I agree with Mooms...you look beautiful and I could SWIM in those gorgeous eyeballs of yours.
Lvoe you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kristy,
You make me laugh! I know you're not laughing but just the way you tell a story is so hilarious. The photo of you is amazing. I don't know if it's the light, the jewelry of what but you looked good with the "Cruella toupe". Your eyes pop. Yes, I too was wishing you'd had your cell phone or camera. I hope it all works out in the end. At least it will all grow out eventually.


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart, Kristy!!! You've really been through hair "hell". I would definitely wait maybe a month before trying to get it corrected. Dark hair is better than none. Hope everything works out.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to laugh at your hair misfortune, but your blog is too funny...

Anything, except a bad cut, can be fixed. Those who are suggesting Corrective Coloring are right...you just may want to wait a little while for your hair to recover from the damage...And don't under-estimate the value of Salon-Quality Shampoo.

I have cried about my hair twice: once involving an at-home color experiment gone awry (leave it to the experts, trust me) and once about a year and a half ago involving a perm. That's right, a perm. What was I thinking? "Soft curls and volume", is how she described it to me. Which sounds really appealing to me, given my poker-straight, flat 'do. But "soft curls and volume" turned out looking like Rosanne Rosanna Danna. I kid you not. When I came home with it in a pony tail, Brett asked, "didn't you get your hair done today?" I replied, "yep." Brett paused for a minute and said, "well, don't you like it?" I replied, "nope." He paused again and asked, "do you want to show it to me?" to which I answered "nope" again. Six weeks later, I was having it chemically straightened. This is where I preach about the salon quality shampoo & conditioner. After the perm, straightener, and all the highlights (which includes *gasp* bleach), my hair should have been falling off my head, and probably would have been, if I had continued to use Pantene (or whatever drug-store brand) when I got the perm. Seriously, Matrix Biolage brand Fortetherapie Shampoo, Strengthening Conditioner, and Smoothing Serum saved my life.

Back to the salon: where I go, they keep a file of client cards, where they put my "formula" on it--I always see the same girl, but she always checks my card to make sure she is making up the right color with the right amount of "developer" (which *gasp again* is basically bleach--they have to use bleach to get my natural shade to lighten up)...you might suggest your salon adopt something like this, so that even if your stylist is on vacation or leaves, the other folks will know what she uses on you...

Either way, I agree with the other posts--in the picture you posted, your hair looks nice and healthy! There's nothing wrong with going with color that's a little "warmer" during the winter, right?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like "Perky Girl" needs a new career!


Kritter Krit said...

Actually, the cut she gave my toupee is really cute! She just needs to stay away from the coloring products. Always and forever. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is the place you went (I hope not), but I would recommend talking to Mandy Sugg at Studio 8 in Fayetteville for her input.
Chrissi (friend of Josh & Margo)

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