Tuesday, July 27, 2010

T-minus Seven Days Until the Start of Bawlfest 2010.

One week from tomorrow, Sophie starts kindergarten.

My baby.

My little helper.

My constant companion.


Reading, writing, arithmetic.  Lunch in the cafeteria.  Recess.  Field trips.  Sophs is even bargaining for trips home in the afternoon on the school bus. 

This child is ready.

Her mother is not.

Kleenex, purchased from Sam's in the convenient 40-pack economy size, are on the To Do List for this week.


(Let's just all say a prayer that she makes it through Week 1 without a trip to the principal's office.)


Val said...

You're gonna do GREAT! (But I'll still pray that you keep it together at least until you get to the car. =)

I can't wait to hear the school stories that Sophie comes home with. =)

Anonymous said...

I loved the walk down memory lane. I can't believe how time has flown. Well, in some ways. Time sort of stood still during some of rough early years. She made it. You two and the Lord brought her through. Love, Mooms

Russ said...

This one is definitely tougher on you. I think that I will see her about the same amount. Think of all the free time you will have for blogging!

Lizz said...

She reminds me of Junie B. Jones! Have you read those books with her? Hilarious! I will be praying for you! I remember how hard it was when mine started Kinder!

Janie B said...

Ooohh...big step for both of you. I remember that 1st day when both of my daughters started Kindergarten. It's tough, but you'll be fine. Take a picture of her in front of the school sign when you take her. That's what I did, and I still love looking at it.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! You'll both do fine (OR you will cry alot). :-)


Anonymous said...

I thought I would cry a lot when Avery started Kindergarten... but, she wasn't sad at all. A big wave bye at the door and she was off. I walked away thinking, well, that was easy! When they love it, its so much easier! Much better than the screaming, clinging toddler being left at Pre-school!

Russ said...

Soph is excited about everything at kindergarten (except the daily behavior report). She is thrilled to ride the school bus home.

Ellen said...

My little girl is starting kindergarten in a few weeks, too. And I wasn't feeling at ALL sentimental or weepy, till I read this!!!!!!!! I loved those photos. Thanks for reminding me that I'd better start getting all emotional. :)

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