Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Little Drop of Awesome in a Sea of Mundane.

The kungfu-ninja-stick-helicopter move where he almost decapitates himself darn near makes me wet my pants. Whooeeeee!  I have a strange feeling I would really like hanging out with this guy.


Lisa said...

This guy MUST have had a few accidents and hit himself in the head a few times before he perfected his talent! LOL

Sarah said...

THAT was awesome.
I think he needs to be in full spandex. His shiny, gold coat was getting in the way with all of his fancy maneuvers.
What a riot!

Anonymous said...

I feel this way at work sometimes. Lol. A drop of awesome in a sea of mundane. Hardy-har har har.


Anonymous said...

I think that counts as his cardio for the week...


Anonymous said...

BAAAHAAAAAAAAAhahahaha! Words! I need special words!

~Rachel G.

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