Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fame!, Fortune!, and a Shout-Out from Sponge Bob.

Okay, comedy moment. It seems I've received a pre-nomination in the Best Parenting Blog category from Nickelodeon's Parents' Picks.  I haven't the foggiest clue how it happened.  Russ put on his Researcher Hat and as best we can tell, it's a closed nomination, hmm.  Maybe it has something to do with Sophie's secret love affair with Sponge Bob.  And her newly discovered ability to log onto the Nick JR website TOTALLY on her own.  Perhaps she clicked on something special when she was supposed to be "doing art" or "making (her) mind bigger." (Yes, that was her response the other day when I walked into the study and asked her what in the Free Willy she was doing on the computer!)

I wanted to put the little nifty badge thingee on here for y'all for voting ease, but I couldn't get the darn thing to work.  I'm pretty sure some sort of computer-y skills are required for that sort of endeavor.  In light of my technological nitwitedness, if you'd like to vote, try this link and scroll down to the "Ts" (for "Tales from the Krit").  You have to first register to vote and voting is limited to once a day.  (So I guess that squashes my plan to sit Sophie at the computer with the clicker and have her go to town).  From what I understand, in a couple of weeks the blogs that end up being the top Nomination Getters will get clumped into the Finalists Pile to determine the winner (TBA Sept. 15th).

Eeeee!  It's all very exciting, don't you think?

I'm not sure what the winner gets.  I suspect it probably involves some sort of bloggy glory.  Or a lifetime supply of Toot and Puddle toothpaste - whooooo!  Here's just hoping Russ doesn't provide me with hourly updates of my status during the process, like last time:    "Kristy! You're in the lead! ...Wait, you're tied for second. ...You're holding steady in third place. ...Oh, now you're fourth. I mean, fifth. Sixth. Seventh."  


Although during the Weblog Awards you guys managed to carry me to fifth place (out of ten), and I was in the company of some SERIOUS bloggers.  Um.  Seriously.  When I saw who was on the list, I pooped my pants the teeniest bit.  So, thanks again to everyone for that

Oh, important to note - when I asked the One Being Parented what she thought of my parenting, this is what I got...

Alrighty, then. 

I guess some of us are less thrilled about our potential fame than others. 


Russ said...

I will vote early and often! :-)

Jamie said...

So will I!

Kritter Krit said...

Thanks, my lone (and most enthusiastic) voter! :-D

Kritter Krit said...

Oh...wait...TWO voters! Thanks, Jamie!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. You deserve a parenting blog award!


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