Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm That Mom...

...who thinks when her child wakes up at ten 'til seven, it's still the middle of the night.

...who will dress her child to the nines first thing after breakfast and never get out of her p.j's the whole day.

...who is convinced that a temperature of 101 means her child has contracted the Plague from the slide at the mall park, and who mentally starts calculating the fastest route to the ER.

...who often lets her child go out in public with dirty clothes, nails, face, hands - with few attempts to de-Little Orphan Annie her.  (Because she knows if she didn't start that way, it will only be a matter of moments before she ends up that way.)

...who finds time spent in a bubble bath, with a good book, a chunk of chocolate, and  an iPod to be the ultimate in heavenly relaxation experiences.

...who now tries to blog only at night, since her child has repeatedly proven to be gifted in the art of optimizing her alone time in a variety of unapproved ways (ways that usually involve glitter, glue, scissors, grape jelly, lipgloss, or liquid soap).

...whose wardrobe includes way too many black t-shirts and yoga pants, and not enough belts.

...who believes that adoption is one of the greatest blessings ever.  Ever.  And who believes that God knows who our children are - before they are formed.  Whether He places them in our womb or in our heart.

...who often restarts the dryer (a sinful number of times) to avoid having to fold and put away the clothes.

...who sometimes searches deeply for the "whys" in life, before resting peacefully in the sovereignty of our Heavenly Father.

...who frightens the shewillies out of her husband more and more every day because she is becoming her mother...she is becoming her mother...she IS her mother!  *giggle*  (Love you, Moomsie.)

...who will go without a stitch of make-up - hair looking like a bird's nest, clothes looking like she got dressed in her closet with the light off, but who refuses to go anywhere without lipgloss.

I am that mom.  Are you that mom?


Tina said...

I am that mom! Wow what a great post

Anonymous said...

So cute! Yes... I am that mom... and I could add many things to this list! get ready for when she gets a little older and she happens to mention that the only time you get dressed is when you're going somewhere. If I take a shower, my kids always ask where I'm going. Like I never take a shower any other time?!?!?! Gosh!


Anonymous said...

So cute! And so many truths! Thanks for the smiles. :-)


Taylor said...

I am that mom. :-)

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