Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Idol - Top 3.

Yes, it's true.  I'm a little late to the party.  I would like to tell you that I did something productive last night, that I got a heap accomplished before our trip.  But, no...I didn't.  I rediscovered Tetris.  Remember Tetris?  If not, I urge you not to try to remind yourself.  It is addictive.  With a capital A.  I arranged puzzle pieces in my sleep last night.

Two songs each tonight.  One selected by the contestants.  One "hand picked" for the contestants by the judges.  If this goes according to plan, the judges won't like the contestants' choices for themselves near as much as the songs they choose for them.  Yep.  Let's see...

Casey James.  "It's All Right With Me."  Huh.  I thought I knew this song, but apparently I do not. Because the song I was singing in my head when they announced Casey's choice is not the song coming out of his mouth.  Truthfully, I'm a little underwhelmed.  I mean, he sounds fine.  Good, in fact.  This song has that nice bluesy feel that fits Casey so well, but it seems a little bubble-gummy for this stage of the game.  Yawn.

Crystal Bowersox.  "Come To My Window."  This is going to be good, I can feel it.  Crystal has her guitar in hand, her harmonica hanging around her neck - it's go time!  ...Or.  Not.  Actually this performance was a little weird for me.  It seems like the timing is off.  Like she needs to slow down the pace...or speed up.  Or pick one or the other and inform the band.  I don't know.  Something's not jiving.  She still sounds good.  Just not blow-my-hair-back good.  (Something has been slightly "off" with Crystal for the past several weeks.  Has anybody else noticed that?  ...Or is this another instance of me being overinvested in a TV show?)

Lee DeWyze.  "Simple Man."  Lynyrd Skynyrd, huh?  Wasn't expecting that...but wow, he sounds amazing!  Lee has the kind of masculine voice I really like - strong, a little gritty, just...yeah!  He's gone from a little baby lamb to a gazelle or an impala or some type of springy, carefree animal to...rrrrroar!  Okay, Ellen.  Excellent summary.  Round 1 goes to Lee.  By a landslide, in my opinion.  He's the only one so far that has provided enough distraction to keep me from wanting to hunt down my little hand-held Tetris game thingee.  Just sayin'.

Randy's choice for Casey.  "Daughters."  Wow, he really does sound a lot like John Mayer!  But he's making an odd face.  Like he's getting a root canal while singing.  And maybe a little bit of anesthesia.  Things are kind of lagging along.  S-L-O-W-L-Y.  (Think:  dragging a humpback whale through the sand with your teeth.)  I'm not sure Casey's comfortable with this song choice.  Randy totally disagrees.  Oh...yup.  They all do.  They think it's the perfect song choice.  They are delighting in their brilliance.  Except Simon, who agrees with me.  Hee.  I'm delighting in my brilliance.  :-)

Ellen's choice for Crystal.  "Maybe I'm Amazed."  WowieKazowie.  She sang the heck out of that, now didn't she?  I have to admit, though, I was a tad distracted by the "I'm a man...I'm a lonely man" bit.  And it saddens me to learn that I'm the only woman who can ever help her.  Who knew?  But I guess I can make peace with a little gender confusion, as long as it's belted out like that!

Simon's choice for Lee.  "Hallelujah."  Chillbumps.  Big, humpy CHILL.BUMPS.  Hallelujah, indeed!  That was beautiful.  Lee!!  Good grief, the strength and emotion in his voice.  The quiet confidence.  The perfect (ballsy) arrangement.  The humility as the judges rave.  *sigh*  Aw, how can you not like Lee?

Best of the night:  Lee.
Worst of the night:  Casey.
Should go tonight:  Casey.
Will go tonight:  Casey.  (...But I will be sad to see him go.  I like his voice a lot.  And his thick, lustrous hair and strong jawline, whoops.)

What did you guys think?  Winner predictions?  I think Lee may have a bit of an edge coming off of tonight's performances.  Momentum seems to be on his side.  Ride the wave, baby!


Kristy said...

Yay for LEE!!! I hope he wins it all! :)

I couldn't get past the "I'm a man- a lonely man." Too weird for me. Maybe it's because I already have declared Lee as my one-and-only season 9 winner? lol

Val said...

Yep - Casey should be gone tonight. Lee is adorable! I hope he wins too. =)

Russ said...

Tetris is such an evil game. The Russian music almost drove me crazy 20 years ago.

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