Sunday, April 4, 2010

Scar Face.

The bandages are off...

For a spot the size of a pen tip, the incision is pretty darn impressive. I was surprised at the unveiling to see how long the dude was! (From the try-to-look-easy-breezy expression on Russ's face, I think he was surprised, too.) The "minor surgery", ahem, was not so fun. ...No. It was not. (A story involving epinephrine - for another time.) Clearly, Hot Mole Doc has never chopped off his own cheek. If he had, he would know Tylenol doesn't so much cut it in terms of pain management that first day. Three layers of deep stitches and one exterior lace-up job, and heck, he should've just said, "Go home and pop a couple of Tic-Tacs." It would have had the same effect as the Schmylenol.

I knew there was a reason I wore glasses.

Hanging out on the internets without a stitch of make-up. Wooo! ...Maybe they slipped me some good drugs after all.
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