Sunday, March 7, 2010

Well, I Guess This Answers The Do-We-All-Have-A-Twin-Out-There Question. ...At Least For Sophie.

Doesn't she make a cute little handbag?

A friend came across this while purse shopping and was convinced Sophs had modeled for Brighton. Different nose. But the eyes, lips, hair, face shape...even her hands -- it's totally Sophie! In fact, for the briefest of heart-palpitating seconds, it made me ponder what Twin Sophies would be like. Kinda made me feel like I needed to breathe into a paper bag. Ahhh. Calm thoughts. Deep cleansing breath.


onemorebaby said...

That is CRAZY!!!

Kristie said...

Wow that is amazing, it looks just like her. Maybe you should start signing her up.

Lizz said...

WOW! Amazing resemblance! About the Twin comment you made...if you think about it, most twins are the exact opposite of each other! Of course usually the more "dominant" twin gets the other one to go along with pretty much anything so maybe you would still need that paper bag afterall! :D

Val said...

Wow! I would have bet money on that being Sophie. Sophie could easily model and do commercials...or movies! She could definitely hold her own during her Tonight Show interview.

Anonymous said...

You should go into the store and demand to purchase the sample bag! Lol.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Trivia Question:
Did you know that Charlie Chaplin once won third place in a "Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest"?
For real!

Maybe Sophs could give this little girl a run for her money in a "Sophie look-alike contest"


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