Thursday, March 25, 2010


So lately I've worked myself into quite the state over the state of...well, our state. (I so promise I didn't mean to just do that. But I think it's possible I'm overtired and delirious, because at the end of that sentence I just had a mini hee-haw over the hilariousness that is me. Complete with snorting and eye-watering. Maybe even a knee-slap or two.)

Yes. Perhaps a teeny nap is in order. Or a pill of some sort.

I feel like amidst all the negativity, and apprehension, and predicted horrors concerning the state of our great Nation and what this new big change will mean for our future, I kind of temporarily lost what I know to be true.

And that is that God is in control. And He is bigger than the chaos surrounding us. Yes, even chaos that involves a bigger-than-their-britches government, who seems to delight in taking us to a place that feels farther and farther from our Heavenly Father.

I've had a hard time seeing God in the uncertainty of the past few days. During times like these, He often feels far away. But that's because of me, not because of Him. He is unchanged. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Omnipotent and Omniscient.

And I am a silly little worrier who gets wrapped up in the possibilities of this Earth, instead of keeping my eyes firmly planted on Heaven.

For the past few nights, I've just had a horrible time falling asleep. My heart has been heavy. Thinking about this and that. A little more of this. Some more of that. I've been all over the place, just restless. Thinking about the nuttiness of living in a world where doing away with millions of unborn babies is fine, so long as we keep all of the death row inmates alive. Thinking about what effect this change is going to have on my family financially. Thinking about how confusing it feels to live in a place where hard work is rewarded with taxation and penalties, and aloofness is rewarded with a spirit of entitlement and hand-outs. Thinking about Sophie, and about what Our Leadership is teaching her...and about what all of this could mean for her future.

You know, doing my normal Low-Key Kristy thing, just ramped up a few notches.


Instead of resting on what I know to be true. What I know to be true. And it was smack in the middle of that spinning last night that God brought these verses to mind:

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11)

"For I know in whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I've commited unto Him against that day" (2Tim.1:12).

It was like He was tapping me on my forehead saying, "Yoo hoo...McFly?!" So I prayed and drew comfort in the fact that when my world is spinning, Heaven stands. My Savior is right there. I never leave His hands. And with that, I fell asleep.

*photo by Hendrix College


Josh and Margo said...

That is quite a political religious post. When I read this I thought of the verses we covered in our community group this week that deal with this also so I thought I would pass them on. Matthew 6: 25-34

Kritter Krit said...

Yeah, that's kind of the conundrum. I feel like my thoughts are oscillating between The World and Our Heavenly Father. Unknown to Known. Flippity flop. It's making for quite the entertaining posts, though, huh? :-)

Thanks for the verses.

Anonymous said...

This really resonates with me. Not only the lying awake because my brain is on Complete Worry Mode, but also the resolution of resting in the promises of God. Thanks for the reminder of the antidote for pressing concerns of the heart.

Does God really call you McFly? I'm a teeny bit jealous.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the believer's rest in Christ...nothing like it to put the world in perspective. I'm glad you found it in the middle of the night. Love, Mooms

Not quite the Bradys said...

sigh. :) thanks.

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