Thursday, March 4, 2010

American Idol - The Top 8 Girls

So this year, rather than recap every performance by every performer, I think I'll just try to hit the highs and the lows (as I see them). In fact, let's do it in bullet format, shall we?

  • The addition of Ellen - a major high. I like her quirky little comments. And if she'd get up there and bust out that kooky "Ellen dance" while she critiques people, she would rise even higher on the High List for me. I don't miss Paula one bit. Well, except for her outfits. Those were always super fun to behold.
  • Other highs: ~Crystal Bowersox. Love her voice. Love her personality - which is apparently a hexagon (or some other non-boxy shape) to her twin brother's "square". I'm so glad she recovered from her recent hospital stay in time to perform. ~Katelyn Epperly. Ellen thought the song was painfully slow. She snuck in a few zzzzzz's during her performance, apparently. When she woke up she told Katelyn the one thing she liked was that she'd played the guitar. Whoops, Ellen, that was a piano. It was a smidge slow, I'll admit, but I actually really liked the performance. I thought she sounded better than ever!
  • Lows: Giggly little homemade headband-y Haeley Vaughn. The silliness I can forgive. In fact, I applaud the silliness. Silly is good. The screechy, off-key voice that about made me bolt up off the sofa several times - yeeeeikes. Sorry, dollie, it's time to go tonight. Another low for me was the way the judges treated Didi Benami. Sweet little delicate Didi. She is clearly frustrated out of her mind trying to decipher what the judges want from her. Heck, I'm a little frustrated trying to figure out what the judges want from her! I like Didi. She was my favorite during Audition Week. The woman who yelled out the lone, staccato "BOO!" when Simon was talking summed it up quite nicely for me.
  • Super high: Helllllo, Siobhan Magnus's note!!!! (*Henceforth forever known as "That Note.") If that's what happens when you do lip trills prior to a performance, Other Contestants, get busy trilling. Put your finger under your nose to prevent the vibration tickles and HEEEEEEYIIIAAAAAA! Seriously? That was crazy amazing. I'm pretty sure all of the mirrors in our house cracked simultaneously...but in a good way. Out of respect.

I missed doing this in time to get the guys, but let me just say if I vomited prior to every performance, I would find another fun hobby. Oh, Alex Lambert. The poor guy was pale as a sheet, doing the whole breathe-through-your-nose/rapid-swallow thing to keep from tossing his cookies on Ryan before he went out on stage. And he always does it - he always throws up before he sings on stage. Bummer. And while I've never seen a man "rocks the onesie", I'm pretty sure if Russ discovers they make such a contraption, he's going to put in his request for one. Russ is ALL ABOUT night warmth. It is above all other considerations, including whether or not his wife would be forced to take pictures of his ridiculousness and post them on her blog. I love Casey James with or without guitar...but with sparkling cornflower blue eyes (dreamy sigh). And I reeeeeally love Lee DeWyze. He's still a little nervous right now, but I think when he gets his groove, he's going to be fantastic. I'm pretty sure he's my guy pick-to-win (I haven't settled on a girl pick yet). My vote to go home tonight for the guys is Tim Urban. Wow. Wow. So painfully not good.

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Kristy said...

Pretty much agree with you on it all... and I'm not sure if you know him or not, but Lee looks exactly like Justin Eisele. (Jeremiah works for Justin's parents.) So now we have to like him the best. hahaha! And Casey James? Yes, please.

Annnndddd.... I don't know about a new non-refluxy title for the 'ol blog, but I am glad you're back.

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