Saturday, September 26, 2009

Straight To Vegas, Baby!

The other night I'm rounding up stuff for dinner. Poking around the refrigerator - gathering harmonious and hopefully non-expired leftovers to plop in front of my family. Russ is reading. Sophs is playing nurse to Baby Huggums in her room (who has also just had her tonsils out). I have "So You Think You Can Dance" on in the background and am practicing my best 'git jiggy moves...when I'm certain no one is watching.

I hear a rustling in the living room. Then the door to the garage opens and closes. A few minutes later Sophie walks by wearing her bike helmet.

I put down my Tupperware of cold macaroni and peek around the corner.

There is our child - putting on quite the display of dancing fabulousness. Oh, my. If you're not already a Snorter, you may be after this.


Jen Forbes said...

DePriest Family,
Katie says, "Hee Hee HA Ha"
Abby says, "Giggle, giggle, laugh, snort"
Reagan says, "Ho Ho HO"
Ada says, "Ha Ha Ha Ha"
Jen says, "That's HILARIOUS!!"
Give Soph a big smooch for us.
The Forbes Fam

Anonymous said...

She is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!
I sure hope she is taking dance......with those moves she is a NATURAL...
If she doesn't take dance..
What are you waiting on????
Her attention to detail is great and SHE IS READY.
So get up and GOOOOOOO.
Aunt Becky

Kritter Krit said...

Aunt Beck,

She does have great rhythm and timing (be it ever so hilarious)! Just the other day, Russ and I were talking about starting her in some dance classes. I think she would really enjoy it! What would you suggest we start her in? Ballet seems a little "controlled" for her likings. Do they have jazz and hip-hop classes for five year-olds? *Giggle*

As the mother of THE BEST DANCER I know, I'll take your advice and "get up and GOOOOOOOOO". :-) Love you!

Jennie said...

I loved her spin move on the ground at the end! She is just too much - I love her to pieces.

Anonymous said...

I sure enjoyed watching my granddaughter get her groove on! I loved her headgear. Protects you from those risky moves. Love, Mooms

Anonymous said...

I think this girl can definitely dance! Glad she is practicing good safety techniques with the helmet on and all!! BTW, I'm a big fan of that show! =)


Not quite the Bradys said...

LittleMommy(11) has watched this half a dozen times. We have laughed and laughed. We especially like the moves at second 37 and the little break she takes at 48. :) HIL.AR.IOUS. Thanks for posting again. We've missed you.

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