Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Visual Proof Of What Happens To A Four Year-Old (With A Propensity To Nuttiness) After A Ridiculous Number Of Rainy Days

Apparently the need to entertain the "Tina Sisters" arises.

"Wock and Woll, Tina Sisters! We can do it!!"


Amy Bottomly said...

Am I a big loser because I don't know what the Tina Sisters are? Are they real? She is SO Cute! And, our front door is almost identical to yours... but I am having the builder get us a new one because of the window! I had a weird encounter with the UPS man the other day and that sealed the deal that a new door was needed. :)

Kritter Krit said...

I have NO idea who the Tina Sisters are either! I thought maybe I was the loser - hee! I tried to do a search online, but came up with nothing. Which means either (a.) they're some group that SOUNDS like "Tina Sisters" in Sophie's head...but is actually something else, or (b.) she completely made them up...kind of like her imaginary friends "America" and "Ongonk" - who she created when she was two. The girl has a VIVID imagination, so you never know! =)

Regarding the door...

Remember this post:

Yeah. A new door is needed at this household as well. =0

Lizz said...

So cute! How in the world does she stay on her toes like that!!!???? My son just started singing that song! He heard me listening to it while he was eating breakfast! Kids must stick together I guess!

Anonymous said...

Love the interpretive dance...she cracks me up. I actually just took a video of Fia dancing, much different, you will have to wait and see.

Also, as for the falic mushrooms, man, that was an "interesting" image to start my day with! LOL!

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