Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol - The Fabulous Five

Oh my word. Ryan did not just start off the show by saying, "for the people who remain on this stage, the intensity is a constant evolution". I guess that's Ryan-ism for "it's getting tense, y'all!" But that doesn't go as well with the serious, serious expressions on all of the contestants' faces, now does it?

Tonight it's songs from the Rat Pack era. Not to be confused with the Brat Pack era. If you're an 80's Girl like myself, that's what you heard. We're talking about people like Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr. Not Anthony Michael Hall and Molly Ringwald. Important to clarify. We're not going to be hearing anything from St. Elmo's Fire tonight. (Sniff.)

Enter Jamie Foxx. Um? Who has what to do with the Rat Pack? Ah, I see. He, too, "transcended the boundaries of the entertainment industry". So...absolutely nothing. He was just the dude available tonight after Michael Buble and Harry Connick, Jr. said no. Yes? Not that I don't appreciate a good Wanda impression every now and then. I just find it interesting that Miley was the guest performer a few weeks ago and now we have the man who had a few "thoughts" about her (ones we'll keep secret from Sophs) as this week's mentor. Hmm.

Here we go...

Kris. "The Way You Look Tonight." Okay, so right off the bat Jamie is dabbling in some "under the table" contract negotiations. Smooth move, Jamie! Make a deal! I love Kris (as do apparently all of the teeny-boppers in the audience - sheesh, the squealing!). This was a really good performance by our hometown boy. Not his best of all time. But strong, and certainly not "wet" (which seems to be a bad thing), as Simon said. I'm going with Randy on this one: mad nice vocals.

Time out. How did I miss what Paula is wearing? What in the name of tiny kites are those flappy things? I'm confused. Is she hoping for blue skies and a pleasant breeze?

Allison. "Someone To Watch Over Me." Oh! Raggedy Ann looks cute! The hair is toned down a bit. A flattering style. And, hey, look Mom, she's wearing your dress! THE DRESS. The one you wore the evening you got your hair "did" that one time. Remember when Dee Dee didn't believe that your naturally curly hair took a perm "that easily!" (Otherwise known as "A Day to Live in Infamy".) Hee. Okay, now I'm all giggly going into Allison's performance. Wow. WOW! She sounds amazing. What a voice this girl has! Beautiful. I love that she didn't do a Rocker Chick song. She just let her voice, pure and strong, shine through.

Matt. Is wearing The Hat. Did he have to wear The Hat? Oh, wait, he did. This music is his specialty. He made a B in it in college. He's in the zone. Jamie has advised him to change the key and sing "My Funny Valentine" in his full voice - because "that's 'fo real". (Which is advice I think I agree with: full voice, for real...check.) Here's what I think about Matt: Matt is nice. Matt did a good job with this song. Matt kept the falsetto in check. Matt did some pretty nice runs. Matt's performance was perfectly lovely. Despite all that, I think Matt may be going home. I hate it, because I really like Matt, but I found myself yawning a LOT during his performance. (...Of course, Sophie did work the dog out of me today, so maybe it's just me...and not all of Voting America.)

That said, I think this is probably the best Top Five we've ever had on Idol, by quite a bit. Usually at this point in the competition I'm screaming at the TV for somebody (ahem, Mr. Ponyhawk) to GO HOME! Not this year. No siree! This is a talented group top to bottom.

Danny. "Come Rain Or Come Shine." Okay, so, if Jamie was looking at me like that, I'd be a little out of my comfort zone as well. What is the man doing? Hello? Personal space? Now he's all up in his grill. Ah, okay, he's just helping Danny find his "purest, truest, most fantastic self". Well, then. When you put it that way. So is it just me, or does anyone else think Danny sometimes makes a weird mouth movement when he's singing something really slow? It looks a bit like he's chewing his cud. Although, he does seem to have a certain confidence about him tonight. A little twinkle in his eye. A swagger. He looks really handsome! Not overly thrilled with the beginning of the song. Just gonna close my eyes for a bit...zzzzzz. Oh, wait...hello! He's getting to the meaty goodness. YES! Awesome. I love it when he gets into that raspy, bluesy, gritty sound. Goosebumps.

Adam. Adam, Adam, Adam. Adam just sauntered down 40 steps in a blinding white suit to sing "It's A New Day". He's glowing, peeps. (Seriously, like a Lite Brite). He's back lit in fuchsia lights - fuzzy pinkness illuminating the stairs. A smidge too much? Nah, of course not. It's Adam! He loves drama and all things sparkly. SHAZAM! He loves wow. Uh oh. Weird expressions coming on. He's doing the face. I'm feeling a few twinges of The Ick again. Maybe it's because he's feeling....he's feeling...HE'S FEELING...guuuuuuuuhd. Well now. (Uncomfortable cough.) Excuse him for that. Jamie was right about one thing. He certainly did knock my head off. And Kara's, apparently. Her mouth is hanging open. She's describing his performance as "confusing, shocking, sleazy, and way over the top". But...she, uh, likes it. Yeah. That's it. I'm pretty sure she added that last part because she's scared Adam might bite the head off a live chicken right in front of her.

Oh, dear. Perhaps Paula needs to hang it up for the night. She's rambling on about the Olympics.

Best of the night: Kris or Allison. (Or the back half of Danny.)

Going home: Matt or Allison.

Drama Award: Adam.

So... Hit me with it! What did you guys think?


Updated to add: From the guy who called Adam "the love child of Queen and Meatloaf", check this out. You must. I seriously almost wet myself.


floreksa said...

Agree 100%. I still can't believe the number of times Allison has been in the bottom 3. That girl can SING.

Adam is in a league of his own, though. Should be disqualified and just handed a contract.

As much as Simon complains that Allison's not in it to win, I think she's just realistic and knows she doesn't have a shot with Adam there.

Amy Bottomly said...

oooh I don't want Matt to go home! I want Adam (though I know it won't happen) or Allison. I know Adam is good.. I know it, I am just sick a little of the theatrics/makeup. And he is going to be JUST FINE if he goes home. Allison I know is also super good.. but she is 17! I love the idea of someone a little older getting discovered through this.

I heart Danny and Chris the most.

Juliet said...

Ahhh! Your recap is SO FUNNY! I must start reading your blog!
I TOTALLY agree with you that Simon tries to play puppetmaster (and so does Michael Slezak at Entertainment Weekly if you ever read his articles on AI...okay yes I'm a little into this aren't I?).

I'm beginning to think that I was too harsh on Allison - she is my favorite after all. Maybe I worked too hard at not being biased. Oh dear.

Gina said...

Love your recap!!

No matter what the song, I always feel the need to shower after Adam's performance.

Totally agree with your assessment on Simon's "rigging"...

team larsen said...

I'm a Kris fan and I don't think I'm biased just because he's the hometown guy. Adam is very talented but I just can't imagine that he would be main stream enough for AI. Not that I know anything.

Team Larsen is definitley pulling for Kris!

Kritter Krit said...

Adam is in a league of his own, that's for sure. "Boring", he most certainly isn't. And, without question, he has an INCREDIBLE voice. The control he shows in that upper range is really impressive. Although, I am a smidge tired of the whole stick-my-tongue-out-and-scream thing. Perhaps he should send that one back to Steve Tyler and move on.

I dunno...I just alternate week-to-week from really loving his performance to thinking it's crazy theatrical and just this side of Ick. And I have trouble envisisioning WHAT KIND of CD he would produce. You know?

Scott, from over at Honey I Fed The Kids, described Adam as "the love child between Queen and Meatloaf".

I think he hit the nail on the head. =)

Teri said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I agreed with some of your comments as well!

I *might* agree with you about Simon except that I think he SHOULD be swaying the voters (IMO of course) because that's what he's there to do, you know? I definitely don't think that I would watch the show if Simon were not on because he's the only one who tells the honest-to-goodness truth & doesn't try and put the Paula Band-aid ("you look amazing!") or the Randy "dawg, it was kind of pitchy, but good" on everything (although I think that Kara absolutely knows her stuff, too & definitely gives more CONSTRUCTIVE advice than any of the others).

For me, Adam's theatrics are what make him entertaining (kind of like watching Panic! at the Disco or something) - which I think is why I was bored with Danny's performance (polar opposites), even though I had picked him to win in the very beginning. AND...most importantly, I think that Adam should win because each previous winner has been in a distinctively different genre from each of the others & this would definitely stick with that trend...I would be more likely to believe that AI were rigged if the winners were cookie-cutter perfect & the same...although we DO know there are "plants" via the production company, like that Joanna girl who was "figured out"

Anyway - whew! that was really long! I didn't mean to totally ramble, but I, like you, wanted to throw my (totally meaningless) two cents out there!! Hope you'll visit my blog again!

Lindsey said...

I wait all week for your Idol Updates! Too funny. Let's just say Adam has enough penache to be the next LIBBERACHI!

Sturgmom said...

There were, strangely enough, TWO olympic references last night. Jamie Foxx also said something about "throat olympics." But I wasn't touching that on my blog with a 30 ft. pole.

Kritter Krit said...

Thanks, guys, for the feedback!

And Teri, I actually wanted to agree with what you said about Simon. USUALLY Simon is the judge I most respect and agree with. Like you said, he is the only one that offers constructive criticism, instead of blabbering on and on incessantly about totally insignificant details (hair, make-up, "dawg-ness"...yada yada).

But the boy has an ego. A big, fat, hairy one, in fact. And it's when that ego runs amuck that I start having Simon issues.

And, really, it's not even with his "puppeteering", because I agree, America sometimes needs a little nudge in the making-good-choices department.

I just hate it when he picks on a particular contestant to CLEARLY fit his agenda. I don't think it's very nice (not that Simon specializes in nice) - especially if that person did a good job that night and he's unwilling to acknowledge it because he wants voting skewed a certain way.

Rant over. =)

Kristy said...

Kris- YES!
Matt- No.
Allison- Yes!
Adam- Creepy as always.
Danny- I don't like how he smiles. Almost like, "I am being the nice, shy boy, but that's fake" grin. Jeremiah doesn't know what I'm talking about, but the dude seems fake to me. I don't even want to watch him sing anymore. It's probably just me... haha.

Erin McGraw said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I agree that Simon definitely has an agenda. Looking forward to checking out your blog a little further. Hope the results are good tonight.

Anonymous said...

You know how Russell accuses us of having the same mind? Well, we did again last night! I was thinking exactly what you were about every contestant! Pretty scarey, huh?! I, like Adam, was surprised he was in the bottom two, but I figure the boy needs a humility check. I hoped Matt was going home. I, too, thought his performance was snoozeville. Thank goodness, America didn't listen to Simon because her song was the best, in my opinion. Love, Mooms

Anonymous said...

Adam is creative and has amazing vocal control, but I can't imagine listening to an entire CD or attending a concert of his. Chris, on the other hand,has a style that would be easy and fun to listen to over and over. He's the only one of the top five that I would consider, at this point, purchasing his CD. But then I'm old and opinionated--unlike my daughter who is just opinionated.
Love Faf

Kritter Krit said...

Aw, Fafie, you's not OLD...and surely I'm not opinionated! ;)

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