Saturday, March 14, 2009

Working Out The "Rinks"

The other day Sophie put this headband on and asked me if I had "any of those stretchy rubber bands" she could use.

I asked her why she needed them, and she told me, "To exercise and work out the rinks, Mama."

Not sure exactly what she's "working out" (kinks, maybe?), but it was certainly entertaining nonetheless. She kind of reminds me of the love child of Willie Nelson and Jane Fonda in this get-up. It was all I could do, amidst my giggles, to hold the camera still and get a few pictures of the little exerciser.

I'm sure our doorknob enjoyed getting its "rinks" worked out as well.


Anonymous said...

I remember my mom watching Jane Fonda and wearing a headband! Too funny :)

Anonymous said...

O.K. I think this post made us laugh more than we have in a long time. That Willie Nelson/Jane Fonda comment had us rollin'! When we thought we couldn't laugh anymore, we scrolled down to the last picture, and there we went again. She looks like she's behind a ski boat! Loved it! Mooms

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