Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday: A Trek Down Memory Lane

For today's installment of Laughter Lives Tuesday, I decided to tap into the archives for a few Oldies, But Goodies. I do this periodically, when I'm feeling especially lazy...or when I'm in a Blog Contest and my Creative Genius has left the building. I know it's kind of annoying, clicking through the links to get to the meaty goodness, but, hey, I thought you might enjoy reminiscing the funny moments. (You know, when you're supposed to be working or cleaning the bathroom while your child naps - ha!)

Remember when Sophie did this and this? Niiiiiiiice. And very helpful, indeed. Toilet paper rocks!

Or when Russ told us this funny story. Um. Hmm. I think, perhaps, "funny" is defined differently for Science Guys.

Or when I did this? Sheesh! That has to go down as one of my dumbest moments ever. (Let's hope so, anyway.)

Or...ah, yes, when Sophie did this with her cheese snowflakes and caused me to moon the neighborhood? Excellent.

And, to wrap 'er up, I'm sure we all remember when Sophie showcased her super snazzy dance skills:

I love how she tells me she's "trying to get groove", and then clarifies to explain (between huffs and puffs) that she's "trying to get some exercise!"

Hope your day is giggle-rific!!


Anonymous said...

Will have to read this one at Dad's. My computer doesn't have enough get-up-and-go. Don't remember ever seeing the video. Love, Mooms

Brent Riggs said...

Go Sophie... get your groove on girlfriend!!!

Brent (Abby's Dad)

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