Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday

For our friends, the Riggs family, Sophie and I thought we'd throw out a couple of funnies this Tuesday evening. Typically, Brent does a weekly post that has us all in stitches over the antics in his house. Today, the poor sleep-deprived daddy is fresh out of humor (or so he states). You'll see from his post about growing old, that he is so NOT tapped dry in the Hoot Department. I quote: "You know you're getting old when you have to designate an entire drawer in the bathroom to house all the tools needed to remove hair from a dozen different unwanted sites, and another drawer to try and grow hair in the one spot its missing." He then transitions from THAT, describing himself as a winter warthog, to writing a very eloquent, inspiring commentary on heaven. The man can write. On three hours of sleep a night, at that. Very impressive, my friend.

So for you, sweet Abby, here are a few return-giggles from your buddy, Sophie. (Just to put this in context, Sophie caught a few extended glimpses of the America's Next Top Model marathon that was on Bravo this weekend. Not by parental choice, you see. As it turns out, while her father was playing host to our barrage of company, Sophs was sneaking into our bedroom and having a hootinanny of a time hanging out with Tyra and the two Jays. ...Where was the mother, you ask? Yeah. She was caught somewhere in a blur between catatonic and sprinting to the bathroom. I always wondered if I would know the difference between food poisoning and a regular 'ole stomach bug. I no longer wonder. Just typing the words "Taco Bell" make me wanna yak up my toenails.)

Working the Catwalk: Model Sophie

*Notice her walking on her toes? Me, I put on a pair of high heels and darn near bust my face in the first ten minutes of wearing them, but Sophie? She could wear a pair of five-inch spikes, no problem. The child is gonna have calves of steel (or shin splints from heck)! As for her shriek at the end of her walk? I dunno. Probably the non-model Camera Operator looked a fright. Hairbrushes are overrated, you know.

And as an added treat, presenting: Bizkit, the Sleepwalking Dog

*Criminy, I laughed so hard at this dog, I almost wet my pants! Oh.my.GOODNESS. Bummer the tree that got in the way of him catching that squirrel he was chasing, poor thing. Yep, I'm pretty sure Bizkit would buddy-up nicely with Russ and Sophie at night. Can you imagine the three of them together in one room? They would make quite the sleep-talking/walking/wall-crashing team!


onemorebaby said...

Love, love, love the runway walk! I had better get her autograph before she wins America's Top Model! The video of the dog was great, my dog does that too, just not to the same extent! Hugs, onemorebaby.

Anonymous said...

Dog video was funny but Sophie's clip was precious! I love the hand on the hip and the tippy-toe walk. She def has it down...work it girl!

Kristine said...

You MUST write more!! So funny.

Anonymous said...

Poor daughter. You mean you had food poisoning while your company was there?! I'm dying to see Sophie as a model. Can't form that picture in my mind. I picture Sophs as she is at my house---running, yelling, exploring. You know---the adverture girl. The fancy-schmanzy model type....no. But, can't wait to see her version. Are you completely over the crud? Love, Mooms

Anonymous said...

You seriously crack me up!! Your blog has put in me tears of laughter many times. Sophie is so stinkin' adorable and hilarious!

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