Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Blue Tongue From A Buddy: Just What The Doctor Ordered

Sophie joined the Purple Tongue Club and made a video message to help cheer up her buddy before surgery tomorrow. Praying for you lots, sweet Abs!

Updated to add: Abby's liver enzymes have been WAY out of whack for a couple of weeks now. (Normal range is in the mid-forties to fifties. Abby's have been in the high nine-hundreds!) For obvious reasons, it has been a major concern, and has been the major contributing factor to Abby not being able to take some of the medications that she needs (like meds to control her fevers and meds for the infection on her tongue). However, Michelle just posted a quick message on Twitter that they drew blood an hour ago (Abby just went into surgery 12:00 CT) and her enzymes look great! Back in the normal range!! Praise the Lord!


kathy said...

This video is great - can't wait to see you guys again. She is so grown up! When are you in Mena again?

Anonymous said...

I just want to cuddle Sophie, she is a doll! That will def bring sunshine to Abby...who is also in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

You are the most precious, sweet friend a person could ever have. Your Aunt Becky is soooooo proud of you for being such a good friend to Abby. Keep up the good work, Kiddo.
Love you,
Aunt Becky

MoziEsmé said...

Great looking tongue!

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