Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aren't "Just Because" Flowers Just THE BEST!

Sophie picked a few little wildflowers for me on her trek to the park yesterday. Don't they look cute in the "Mommy pots" that my mom made for me for Valentine's Day?


Lora Lee said...

They are beautiful. Sophie's flowers look so cute beside them. Well enjoy your just because flowers, must be nice:)

Love ya'll

Shayna said...

Oh, those are gorgeous! Nice arrangement and nice photo. Sophie's flowers are called "henbit" and they're part of the mint family, but they don't taste like mint, trust me. :)

Kristie said...

Ohh I love tulips they are one of my favorite flowers for sure.

On a side note, can we have a update on how you are doing with your health issues? Ive been thinking about you and praying that you are getting some sort of relieft

Kristine said...

Hey Kristy!!

Thought I'd check in on little Miss. Sophie. How is she doing? Eating anything?

Katie was doing so well that our Ped suggested weaning her Prevacid. That went well for about 1 week and now she's on a food strike! Sigh. Poor thing...I swear I can HEAR her little esophagus yelling at me.

Is Sophie on any meds for her reflux/non-eating self? I can't recall reading about that on your blog. I'm it could totally be there.

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