Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Valentine Packages Arrived Last Night!

...and one of them would like to be marked "return to sender".

Poor Wylie. This was his very first night away from Mama, and really, he hasn't much enjoyed it so far. ...Actually, that's not true. He thinks the "awake parts" are quite fun. Laughy! Kicky! Flappy-fun! It's those pesky "asleep parts" that aren't sitting well - what with the darkness and no-mama part of it all.

We fixed that, though. Behold, the Family Couch...

Ella is having a blast. She and Sophie are such sweet little Kissin'...well, more like Squeeze-You-To-Death Cousins.

And bedtime for her...

Easy. Breezy. Beautiful.


The rest of the crew arrives tonight. Party, party! Woo hoo!


Lora Lee said...

They are just so sweet! I want to jsut squeeze them myself. Have a great weekend!

Love ya'll

Rachel said...

Hi, I just found your blog thru another one, you know how it goes...
My almost-10 month old has reflux, and the pukes are a regular occurance. No one believes that he pukes that much becuase he's so chubby. Thank God I have hardwood floors. But the couch has suffered.

Lisa said...

Cute little Wylie! I love the picture of Russ snoozing with him. Sophie and Ella look so grown up in the one of them! Sweet girls. You guys are a pretty cool Aunt/Uncle duo. Solomon would vouch for that.....with fond memories of sitting in your giant tub full of bubbles WHILE watching Cars, followed by a giant bowl of ice cream. Solid gold in four year old land!

Sweet Joni said...

Well, I've got to admit, I became a bit discouraged when I came back to read some more & discovered that I hadn't booked it nor remembered HOW I got here! LOL But after a long day of PC organizing... behold the Lord spoke! And I'm so grateful :-) Your blogs have been quite 'interestingly humorous' I Luv how you write & find a great sense of humor in the worst of times! It truely shows the Faith of God in You!
I'm no longer lurking... LOL I've subscribed :-)
Also realize MY blog isn't much YET but things are coming together fairly well in the Learning Stages of this Blogger... main page is on
AND I'm working on getting some pics scanned into pc.
Blessings & all the rest of that good stuff people say :-D

Brent Riggs said...

Thanks for the wonderful, touching comment you left tonight. It really made my night.

Hug that little doll Sophie for me... I hope we can meet her some day soon... talking about capturing your heart. I fell in love with her 10 seconds after seeing that video of her.


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