Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let's Pause For A Moment Of Fluff-TV Angst, Shall We?

If you haven't watched last night's episode of American Idol yet, consider this your SPOILER ALERT! Snap your computer shut and run away.

For the rest of you, what.the.stinkin'.HECK happened? Have the judges gone completely nut buckets?

Cry Girl, Headband Boy, and I-Can't-Decide-Whether-I'm-A-Singer-Or-A-Richard-Simmons-Wanna-Be Guy ALL made it into the Top 36.

All three of them!

And I'd just told my mom on the phone earlier in the afternoon if ANY of them made it onto the show, I would be forced to boycott this season.

Her response: "Oh, Cheech." (Said like, Oh, you're so funny. Not like Oh, you just said something shocking!) Yeah, sigh, I guess she knows me. I'll watch. I have to watch. It's an addiction, I'm sad to say. I have to see if they have another Daughtry hidden in this pack of Goobers.

They might. After all, my favorite is in the pack. That was a good thing. When they told him he was "in", I unclenched and put down the book I was going to hurl at my unsuspecting Vizio. (Emotionally invested in something ridiculous? Surely not!)

But, my goodness, peeps. Seriously? I mean, I know drama is supposedly good for ratings, and I'm sure these three are lovely people, and two of them, if you close your eyes to block out their hysterics, actually can sing...but yikes. Yiiiiiiiikes. I hope they have a warehouse-load of Kleenex and Gatorade backstage this year because, boy hidey, can you even imagine the antics and waterworks between that trio? It's gonna be UUUUUUUG-ly. And in my opinion, so not Good TV.

My prediction: Cry Girl and Headband Boy have a nervous breakdown before they ever make it onstage for the first show. As in: carted away in ambulances, breathing into paper bags, beggin' for the judges to "please, just belieeeeve in them!" And what's-his-noodle-in-the-tight-pink-shorts gets a call from Richard Simmons, asking him to be his Wing Man for his long-awaited Bringing Spandex and Headbands Back! Tour (sweeping the nation starting Fall '09). Write it down. You heard it here first.


In other news...

1.) Sophie is feeling much better this morning! (And, yes, we've apparently decided to just forgo pants this week.) Her appetite is still pretty much nil and she's still generating enough snot to bring a rhino down, but she hasn't run fever since yesterday morning and she's starting to perk up from an energy standpoint. (Uh oh.) AND, drumroll please...she slept in her bed last night without so much as a PEEP! PTL!! Now granted, Sophie has always been one of those children who appreciates, with great fondness, the element of surprise. She likes to mix it up, lull her parents into a nice comfy state of relaxation, and then bam!, hit 'em with something unexpected, like a night long Obedience Strike. So, I don't think we're ready to officially declare a successful return to the Salad-Days-Of-No-Family-Bed just yet. But, ahhhhhhhh, last night was blissful. Thanks to everyone who prayed!

2.) I've sooooooo enjoyed reading all of your comments. You guys really made my day! To everyone who took the time to write a quick note in honor of my belated celebration of National Delurking Week, thank you so much. I am now, officially, a Comment Junkie. For the past hour I've just been sitting here - glazed over, in a blog-addicted trance. I vaguely recall hearing Sophie say something a few minutes ago about toast, and juice, and climbing up into the refrigerator to get it herself...blah, blah, blah. Hurry, people! Before the little men in the white coats come to pry my computer out of my sweaty hands and haul it away (or CPS makes an appearance to rescue my child), there's still time! De-lurk! Come out, come out wherever you arrrrrre! ;)

*You'll have to excuse the threatening tone of my little "ransom letter", there. All of the buttons for delurking are a bit creepy. The most popular one is a Flasher Guy, requesting that you, please, "expose yourself". In light of that, I chose the reveal-yourself-and-nobody-gets-hurt option.


Taylor said...

Hey Kristy, I'm de-lurking! I stumbled across your blog months and months ago..... and months ago. I don't quite remember how. Yikes! Love to read about Sophie- she reminds me a little of me when I was her age. A little about me, so you know who the strange lady who's reading your blog is, I'm 28, married & have an almost 7 month old little boy. I live in Texas (Dallas area). Oh, and my name's Taylor! Pleased to meet you! Feel free to stop by my blog any time!

floreksa said...

He's my favorite so far too. Him and the oil worker guy.

Cry girl will SOOOOOOOO have a nervous breakdown before they ever make it to the "real" show...

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

Yeh, I was a bit appalled with last night's choices, too. ... Tsk, tsk, Idol. You shall never bring heinous laughs and tacky boy headbands back! NEVER I SAY!

bethany1699 said...

I'm delurking a day (or month late). Although I'm not sure if I've been lurking, its only been a few days since I found your blog and I read through all your archives(like i do for all the new blogs I follow) and i definently like your blog!

onemorebaby said...

HI! I am new to your blog in the last day or so! I foiund you through Brent's site for Abby! Oh, that video was so sweet! Anyhow... here I am! (btw, stealing your delurking graphic!)


Brent Riggs said...

Kristy and Sophie, do you get my little tweets and updates? Abby wants to talk to Sophie tomorrow; are you set up to video call?

Brent (Abby's Dad)

Kritter Krit said...

Hey Brent,

I just sent you an email. It's about to become very clear how technologically savvy I'm NOT. Ooops. Hope to get the girls together soon! =)

Anonymous said...

I've loved your blog!!
Praying for a speedy 100% recovery for Sophie and SLEEP for everyone :)...
I'm Sharon, btw....

Anonymous said...

You called it, sista! (I mean daughta.) Not to worry about the three aforementioned strange people. They're just for drama. America would never vote for them. Simon knows it; we know it; maybe even they know it. No, Tatiana truly thinks we will. Poor soul. She'll go the first night. My prediction. The only one I'm nervous about is Nick/Norman; will Americans keep him on because they like his humor? If so, heaven help us! Love, Mooms

Shayna said...

Hi Kristy! I'm not so much delurking as admitting how much I fail at remembering to check blogs. But it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you!

Sophie looks much better today (though I think that's yesterday now...) Hooray! (Love her Little Miss Sunshine shirt!)

Kristy said...

Ummmkay, I was NOT wanting Jamar (the BF) to get kicked off, and definitely wanted Tatiana (psycho nut-job) and Headband boy GONE. Eeeek with all that drama!! I'm pulling for Mr. My wife died and the dude from Arkansas.

AND congrats on the 40 comments! Woo hoo! I have topped out at 12 comments and 33 followers. =( I'll be hosting a giveaway soon, so maybe that will generate some buzz. (Or my 4-10 commenters have a GREAT chance to win!)

Kritter Krit said...


Yeah, hopefully the Drama Trio will be nixed right off the bat. I can't handle the hissy-fits. Thank goodness for DVRs and the ability to fast-forward. Ahhh.

Ooo, a giveaway! That should help your lurkers de-lurk. Everybody loves cool free stuff! =)

Ferdy said...

OK, delurking, just because you asked so nicely. I'm a reader, so I found your site through those blog award thingies. I choose to stick around because you take lovely photos, and Sophie's antics are hilarious and heartwarming.
Anyway, just so you don't get scared about me being a creepy stalker, I'm a 22yr old geology student in England (and my life isn't interesting enough to have any more than a facebook page accredited to it).
Thanks for your witty/charming blog posts.
PS. I chose to completely skip all that stuff about "American Idol". Can you guys keep Simon Cowell over there and not let him come back here please? :)

Christy Tiede said...

Hi from Estonia! (near Finland). Sarah Parsons posted your blog link on her blog. I work at Josh McDowell Ministry, where Sarah used to work.
Your blog made me laugh numerous times and I have enjoyed reading about your very spirited totally adorable imp Sophie!

Jack and Susan said...

I'm a lurker...via Riggs' blog. The information on American Idol was great because I missed it. The head band guy? COME ON!!!
Enjoying your blog,

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