Monday, December 1, 2008

Sophie Demonstrates The Art Of Holding Still And Looking Sweet And Christmas-y

Remember last year's family Christmas pictures? How nice and professional they were?

Remember the Christmas card? How stinking cute it was?


This year's card probably isn't going to be that way. Mostly due to the fact that our fabulous photographer is in Germany.

And, if I don't want to use the flash on my little point-and-shoot camera (and make everybody look like a ghost), the subject is required to hold perfectly still in order to not blur the image.

Perfect stillness from an attitudinal four-year old with ants in her pants, who repeatedly informed me this morning that "pictures are very, very boring".

Stillness of any kind. NOT HAPPENING.


Kristy said...

If by any chance you going to be in Mena soon, I would LOVE to try to take some of her! Check out my page to see some that I took of my Miss Ants-in-her-Pants!

Lora Lee said...

Hey there. Have you threatened to send those pics out if that doesn't work I vote for the first pic. Has that personality really coming thru.:) Its not easier getting pics done as that get older, except they sit still when you threaten to take stuff away. Can't live without their T.V. and game systems. Well good luck. Love ya'll

Lora Lee

Anonymous said...

Oh, I totally feel you on the whole picture can just make me want to scream! When you want to take a picture, they won't stop, smile and pose. But, when they want their picture taken (usually wearing or doing something bad) then they are all for posing!

Anonymous said...

Our little missie looks so lovely in her frock and updo, but very young. Nope. Uncle Walt isn't here with his nifty camera to work magic while Sophie squirms. We will miss them in many ways this Dec. But, you're very good with that little point-and-shoot, so I'm sure the Christmas card will be dahling! Love, Mooms

Anonymous said...

If I've said it once, I've said it a MILLION times, That girl just ain't right!!! :) But she sure is precious and darling and sweet and happy and ......
Aunt Becky

Robert (Bob) English said...

Very cute video!

Jennie said...

She is so cute - I giggled all the way through that video. I actually really love the first photo for a Christmas card!

Mindy said...

Very, very sweet. And funny. Cheered me up honestly, thanks for posting!
Makes me think about the struggles I have getting pictures of my own Sophia.

Lisa said...

Okay, that child's laugh is everything good and happy to me. Love it. I've always loved it.

We're feeling your pain with the Christmas pictures. At least the fiasco makes for entertaining blog posts!

If only she was right and Uncle Walt and Auntie Annie were in Missouri.

Maybe we should have a contest to see who can capture the worst Christmas card picture.

Kritter Krit said...

I think I have the winner from tonight's attempt:

Sophie - face red from crying (yes, from boredom to grief in thirty seconds), one hand down her pants, the other picking her nose.

Quality Christmas card material.

Lisa said...

Ha! Okay, you win. We have both nose-picking and hands down pants, but not both in the same picture.

Your sweet comment on our Thanksgiving post made me a little misty. Thanks, Buddy. Love you.

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