Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

~I haven't been sleeping well lately. Woke up feeling major yuck, but decided to Power Through. Set out to the mall (yes, I am insane) to try to wrap up some Christmas shopping. Took a kid-less stroller with me as a balancing mechanism. To which salespeople kept inquiring, "Where's your baby?" (Maybe an empty stroller is a Shoplifter Warning Sign? I dunno.) Then I ticked off the full-o-Christmas-cheer Gymboree Lady by doing a return in a line of twenty-five people. (Can I help it if the clothes I ordered for Sophie online are the wrong size...a week before Christmas?) Did a little I'm-dizzy squat in the middle of Dillard's. Got a few glances, but, you know, probably fewer glances than I would've gotten had I clunked over face-first in the Men's Department.

~Weather was weird all day. Dark. Drizzly. Cold. Optimal for getting in and out of the car multiple times.

~Went by see the progress on Mark's remodel (which is shaping up ooo la la!). Discovered that the wrong entryway light had been delivered. After apparently misplacing the one he had picked out, the Light People played let's-hope-he-doesn't-notice switcharoo and substituted a light sized appropriately for the White House. Um. And the light for his breakfast nook was M.I.A. I guess they lost that one and decided not to pretend otherwise. Two lights that took him an actual ETERNITY to make a decision on - vaporized. Oh, gooody! ...But, yeah, I guess that's more about his weird day, huh.

~Came home from shopping to a child who does not GET the concept of waiting to open gifts on Christmas morning. The past few weeks have been absolute torture for her. We're trying to teach her about the spirit of giving, and anticipation, and having a happy heart. But right now, all she can see are crinkly bags hiding secrets. Tonight she pleaded with me, "Oh, pleeeeeeease, Mama, just give me one gift now?" When I told her it was only one tiny more week 'til Christmas, she blurted out, "Then we can just rewrap it and later I'll act really surprised! I'm good at it, see?" (Which prompted her best "Ooo! WOW!" face.)

~Which brings me to...wrapping. Nope. Haven't even started wrapping. Not one single thing. Keep waiting for a herd of nice elves to take care of that little hassle for me. At the rate I'm going, my loved ones will be receiving their packages in very festive Walmart bags. ...The wrapping paper is sitting in the closet, waiting, and here I sit. Not wrapping.

~Or addressing Christmas cards. My excuse? Somebody stole my address book. Yep, Mooms, the same person who "stole" your whatever-it-was (pad of paper?) when we were home last time. I blame that person for the fact that our cards will arrive sometime around Valentine's Day.

~Russ and I are both dreading the repeat trip to Mayo this weekend. It's weighing on us. If we must confess, we're moping a bit. The drive, the snow, the insanely boring hotel room, the expense, the subarctic temperatures, the possibility of getting stuck there for Christmas. All sound equally yippee. But we don't really have a choice if we want to squeak in another couple gillion dollars worth of tests before the New Year - when our deductible starts over. (Sigh.)

~And to wrap 'er up (drumroll, please...), Sophie had a meltdown tonight. Yowser. Think Atomic Bomb. We were en route to bed when she realized she hadn't done the Hide-and-Seek diddy that she and Russ do every night before tucking her in. Russ realized the "problem" immediately by the OH, NO! look on her face and started to tell her, "No prob. Just go hide, Sophs." Nope. Too late. The Freak Out sequence had been launched. She started wailing like we'd knifed her. Sobbing. Snotting. Coughing. Creeping ever closer to puking from the exertion of her little fit. Time to put on some earplugs, play some music, and attempt to find my happy place.


sarah p said...

I would totally be your little elf and wrap all of your presents for you if I was closer. That's my favorite part! You are a brave, brave woman (read: crazy) to be venturing into a mall around this time of year!

We'll be praying for you this weekend...

Jennie said...

Oh, how I WISH I could come wrap your presents for you. I am so serious. I love to wrap and especially love to wrap for other people. Shucks.

Will pray for you this weekend. Hoping for a revelation!

Kritter Krit said...

Well, I guess Sarah is out. The Big Apple is a tad far away to be an elf.

But Jennie...

It's just a hop, skip, and a jump over from Little Rock! I'll be watching for you and your cute little stripey hat and pointed elfen booties. ;)

Anonymous said...

(((HUGS))) girl....hang in there and take a deep breath. Wish I could be there to help, you know how much I love to shop, wrap and send! Good luck at Mayo too. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I have told you for 3 years that a stroller (baby or no baby) is a shoplifting warning sign. The salespeople see it as a scam.


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