Thursday, November 20, 2008

Registering About An 8.6 On The Crack Up-o-Meter

Okay, so perhaps I'm a wee smidge "punchy" from spending one too many hours sitting in a waiting room, but are these two facts amusing to anyone else?

(1.) The gas station of choice around here is called The Pump -n- Munch.


(2.) Russ just called the downstairs desk to ask for a 6:05 wake-up call. Not 6:00. Not 6:15. Six 'o five.


To which he nonchalantly responded, "...What?"

To which I responded, "Seriously?"

To which he responded, "I usually ask for a 6:07 wake-up call when I'm in Albuquerque."


Well, then.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Sleep tight and I hope you get that 6:05 call....

Jennie said...

Both are HIGHLY amusing.

Robert (Bob) English said...

I'm glad you're updating us. It goes well with my OCD.


Lora Lee said...

Yeap both of those are very funny. Even more funny to know Russell is holding back his weirdness(6:07?). Didn't get on computer last night so just seeing update but have been praying for you and that tests will get done now!

Love ya'll

Lora Lee

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