Monday, November 3, 2008

Pack Your Stretchy Pants, Buddy! It's Fajitas And Chocolate Cheesecake Time!!

~ Stop messing around, Jen, it's time to photograph beautifully.

~ Yeeeeah, baby. MEEEE-ow! How could this be anything BUT sexy?

~ This one we call: "Kristy Wins The Ugly Contest. Hands down."

~Whoa, hold the trophy. Perhaps we have a couple more contenders.

Buddy, I've missed you like crazy. Tomorrow can't get here fast enough! Tell the pilot to do that we've-made-up-some-time-in-the-air super fast flying thing. Maybe you can make it here for grilled-cheeses at lunch. =)


Kritter Krit said...

I think this is what Tyra has in mind when she says, "Models must be able to master the Pretty-Ugly Face."

Or maybe not.

We've mastered the ugly. The pretty, perhaps we need to work on a bit more. ...Or maybe we just need to hide my camera. =)

Jen Forbes said...

Cheech -
My cheeks hurt from laughing. Thank you so much for posting those lovely shots of me getting sucked into your vortex of "I BELONG IN THE NUT HOUSE"!! I, too, can hardly stand the wait.
Aww, heck, I think I'll just start running there. Maybe Russ could meet me half way! HA!!
Love you and can't wait to see you.
I'm on my, my recipe and my stretchy pants.

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