Sunday, November 23, 2008

Laughing: Better Than Zoloft, I Reckon

Anybody else need a mood elevator?

I do.

~Enter Sophie.~

No, sadly, she isn't here with us in frosty Minnesota - sucking down mocha cappuccinos and watching surprising entertaining movies on tv in our hotel room. We continued the marathon and found out why the sequel went straight to video. ...Turns out there's a Royal Honeymoon as well. But we were scared that one might show up on our bill as one of those "adult" movie charges. Interesting enough, The Prince stays the same in all three movies. He just changes women three times. ...But, somehow we're supposed to buy that it's the same Princess throughout (even though she looks nothing like "herself" from movie to movie).

Ah. Okay. ...So. Just wasted waaaaay too much time confessing to the major time-suckage that we're participating in these days.

Which is relaxing, in a way. And definitely NOT something we could do if Sophs were here with us. But she is in spirit. ...And in my blog archives. Actually, perusing through things, I found a few Russell-Oldie-But-Goodies as well. Enjoy!

The Ones Who Put Things Up Their Nose

Is That All They Ever Think About?

You Know, We're Living In A Society!


A Lesson In Manners From Our Little Lady

The Not-So Incredible Hulk

And, yes, we'll even poke fun at me...

Plumb, He Most Certainly Did Not

To wrap up our little Laughter-Is-The-Best-Medicine Tour, here you go - one of my favorite Sophie videos of all time.


NOTE: Tomorrow we're giving standby at Mayo one last shot before heading home. If you think of us between 7 and 2:00, please pray, pray, PRAY that a slot will open up. For that to happen, someone has to be too busy baking pumpkin pies to remember to show up for their balance test. That's the prayer, peeps. =)


Kristen said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that there is a no show....

Anonymous said...

There is a whole army of folks (family, friends inside and outside our church, and some people that I hardly know)who come up to me and either ask how you are doing or tell me they are praying for you and Russell. I pray God will give you answers, but even more that He will give you peace and comfort and healing. I will give Sophs extra hugs and kisses today at lunch. We really missed that little rascal this weekend. I love you.

Kritter Krit said...

Thanks, Kristen and Fafa. We appreciate it!

No no-shows (ugh), so we're heading home. We'll have to come back in December, but I guess that's just how it goes. O-well. Such is life, I guess. Pray for safe travel home, without dizziness and nausea, if you will.

Love you guys! =)

Jen Forbes said...

I'm with Bob. You need peace and comfort and certainly healing. I just called your cell phone hoping to catch you so I could hear your voice (which I love). I left a message. Anyway, I hope you and Russell are having a grand time on this romantic getaway! HA!!
Hugs and smooches to you...
(Hey,...Chip is turning 36 today. I got him Dr. Pepper and the biggest Toblerone I could find!! He loved the one you sent him, but it was gone in a flash)

nectarine_girl said...

I have an appt. Jan 14th at Mayo. You would be welcome to ride with me if you want to schedule the balance thing around that date. I understand if you need to go earlier. We could split hotel etc...just one option I thought I'd throw it out there as food for thought.

~martha ayres

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