Saturday, November 1, 2008

All The Dogs In The Neighborhood Are Going Berserk. It Must Be Halloween!

"Arrrrgh, Matey! Trick or Treat!"

I kid you not, this is what Sophie went around the neighborhood saying last night. She'd ring the doorbell with her hook, and then in the toughest pirate voice she could muster, she'd request some treats.
Her little routine prompted more than a few grins and giggles. As well as several exclamations of "Aren't you CUTE!" Which was promptly changed to, "Ooo, you're scaaaaaary!" when reflected on her face it was obvious that cute was not what she was going for.

Nope. NO cuteness this year.

Just TOUGHNESS. Swords, eye patches, hook-hands, and an I-mean-business swagger.

Although, personally, I still think cute is pretty fitting. I didn't tell her that, of course, for fear she'd have me walk the plank.

The temperature started dropping fast, so we came back to change Sophie into something warmer - also known as Costume #2. Yes, this year she wanted to be a "Poodle Pirate". We decided it was okay, since she definitely gets her money's worth out of costumes. She wore her chicken suit from age 2 until she could no longer squeeze into it. Special occasion not necessary -- eating cereal in full-out-feathers just helps make a mundane Tuesday a bit fancier. We did convince her to wear them one at a time, rather than together, like she had apparently envisioned.

After emptying her bag, which was weighing her down (kids load UP in this neighborhood, I'm telling you!), Poodle and Pop hit the streets for another go at it. They met up with the neighbors: Mr. Jacob (our neighbor from Hendrix) and Frasier the dog, who was trick or treating as Yoda.

As well as sweet little Thumper Elizabeth, our new neighbor next door. (None of us are really sure how she's holding up her head. She's the teeniest little thing!)

I stayed home to man the door. (Yowser, I know! We really do get that many Trick or Treaters.)

...and let me tell you, it was time WELL spent. The house felt a little stuffy, so I cracked the window to the study and assumed my perch at the computer to listen for the doorbell. In doing so, I overhead some dandy conversations. I love the dialogue that results from younger siblings being put in the temporary care of slightly older siblings, while parents wait patiently out on the sidewalk or in the car.

Here's a sample of some of my favorite eavesdropping moments:

~"Watch out for that jack-o-lantern, Billy! Remember 'bout jack-o-lanterns? Do you wanna burn your butt again?"

~"Gross, take your finger out of your nose! Wipe it on your pants before you ring the bell."

~"Wait, Sam! You're not supposed to do that! Close the door, then ring the doorbell!"

~"I think I have more candy than you. ...You don't. ...I totally do."

~"You didn't even dress up and everybody thinks you're cute. It's just stupid."

~"Gimme one of your Snickers. ...What's a snicker? You mean, like, my shoe?"

I was ROLLING. I seriously had to muffle my laughter with my hands several times to keep from snorting. This may be my new Halloween tradition - send Sophs out with Russ and sit by an open window waiting for Trick or Treaters back at the house. Little kids are hysterical! Now I remember what I loved about teaching.

Of course, there were some mean kids, too. I forget about that 'til I hear stuff like:

"There's that wimpy kid over there. Remember that dork? Let's go knock his bag out of his hand again."

I almost went out and got into a rumble with some bratty teenagers. Man, some kids should just be rounded up and quarantined until they're human again. I was one of those at thirteen. Although my pleasantries were reserved for my family.

Despite a couple groups of loud and rowdy teenagers staying out way too late, sharing their obnoxiousness with everyone, it was such a great evening. True to form, Sophie was a hoot - socializing with everybody she met on the sidewalk, asking them what they were 'sposed to be and wishing them a good night! (Yelled, of course, at the top of her lungs.)

The funniest moment was when she went over to the neighbors' house. They had several people visiting together in the living room, along with a sparkly, glowing, flashing pumpkin on the table by the door (the combination of which apparently said "party" to Sophie). She rang the doorbell and immediately when Sarah came to the door, Sophie said, "OH! Are you guys having a party?"

Sarah replied, "Not really a party. Just some family over."

Sophie: "It looks like a party! ...Am I invited?"

I was saying, "Sophie! You don't invite yourself...", at the same time Sarah was saying, "Sure! Come on in and join us!"

Sophie turned to me and announced, "Mama, I'm invited to this party. I'll be back over to our house in a little bit. See you later!"

The whole living room erupted with laughter.

Back at the house, Russ and Sophie went through the haul - looking for opened (and therefore, of course, poisoned) candy, razor blades, needles, and other killer whatnot. Sophie didn't have a clue what we were doing, she just knows we have to inspect stuff first, so it was all good. No paranoia passed on for Halloween.

Sophie's favorite "scores" of the evening:

Some Dracula teeth, fittingly renamed her "Poodle teeth"...

And a sucker the size of her head from Jacob and Michelle...

Sugar, sugar, SUGAR!! See how tired Russ and I look and how not tired the Sophster looks? Winding down for bedtime was an extra special treat. =)


Anonymous said...

Sophie looked great in BOTH costumes :)

I also send Fia with Darren every year just so I can get a look at everyone elses costume and hand out candy. So funny when you catch the conversations of people coming to the door. My favorite is when you overhear the parents preping the kid on what to say, line by line, before they ring.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely PRECIOUS :) Except please tell Sophie that she was a VERY SCARY PIRATE and a PRECIOUS POODLE :)
I just love Trick or Treating and missed it last night because of our High School football game, so I am so glad you shared!
Aunt Becky

Anonymous said...

Sophie looks so cute AND the costumes!! Sounds like you all had a great night. I laughed out loud at some of the comments you overheard! And all that candy looks de-lish! After nibbling on Halloween candy for the past month I think I'm in withdrawal now that we've given it all away. I knew I should have stashed some away somewhere!

Kritter Krit said...


It's a nice little break to send the girls out with the daddies. Although, I do enjoy Sophie's interactions with everybody she meets while she's out and about! That girl is social, and you never know for sure what's gonna come out of her mouth. =)

Aunt Beck,

Glad you got to experience Halloween through your kooky little great niece's eyes. Love you!


Yep. I stashed away a handful (ahem, a LARGE handful) of "emergency" Skittles and Kit Kats high up in the cabinet. Whoops.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the great recap of Sophie's spectacularly successful Halloween! She was the cutest pirate I've ever seen! Was that lace on her hat? I hooted at the poodle costume with sword! But, the picture that got the most laughs was the poodle with Dracula teeth! I noticed that Sophs' face was as red as a beet; being a poodle must be hot business! Sounds like you had fun eavesdropping. Did Russ have fun? Did Sophie share her candy? I remember y'all were so good to share yours with me! Love, Mooms

Kritter Krit said...


You'll be happy to know, Sophie did gladly share her candy. Anything Russ or I wanted, she said, "Here you go!"

I think kids have an easier time sharing with adults at Halloween because they know they won't pick their favorite things. Russ and I went for the chocolate, while Sophie made a beeline for the gummy/fruity/squirty/candy necklace stuff.

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