Saturday, October 18, 2008

So, Internets, How 'Bout This One?

While most of you had a positive reaction to the new blog design I picked last week, some people (most of whom are, ahem, genetically linked to me) had a very strong, negative reaction to it.

In their opinion, the design was:

a.) much harder to read
b.) not classy

They attributed their disdain to the "hideous split pea soup color" and the "distracting border design", and claimed in their comments that they were refraining from using the word hate to describe their feelings toward it. Hate, people! Ouch. ...But really they weren't refraining. They just released their feelings in parentheses. (Much better, right?) ;)

Granted, two of these particular people are the same people from whom I inherited MY strong aversion to change and ever-so slightly opinionated nature. ...I guess it just goes to reason that their special gift is not really "speaking with a delicate tongue" either. We're more blurt-it-out kind of folks.

However, I do agree with them that the green color was kind of putrid. Reminded me a bit of baby poop, which is not really what you want people envisioning when they're reading your blog. And, yes, it was harder to read. Especially if your eyes are over the age of 59. (Tee hee!)

So this morning, after giving Sophie's room an organizational overhaul (it looks LOVELY, by the way), I found this design amongst the freebie choices on The Cutest Blog On The Block. It has the flowery look I like, along with the "holka dots" Sophie likes, without the offensive colors or distracting borders that none of us like. If you'll recall, I don't consider orange to be offensive.

What do you guys think? Better? Worse?


Lora Lee said...

Hey there. This design is good to, but I did like the other design I wasn't sure about the green at first either, but the more I looked at it grew on me. The green was bright and out there. But I also like color even though you can't tell by my wardrobe.

Love Ya'll

Kritter Krit said...

Lora Lee,

I loved the brown and blue, but admittedly, the green was driving me a bit looney.

It was definitely funky, and I like funky. I just didn't like how it made everything harder to read.

Have a good Saturday! =)

Lisa said... it. Perfect with my flowers.

And I'm with you; orange can never be offensive....unless we're talking about the version of orange on Hendrix athletic uniforms, which this is most certainly not.

Val said...

Love it! Very autume-y and festive. =)

Anonymous said...

Honestly I like them both...the good thing about it is that you can change it ANY time you want :)

think mine is hard to read?

Kristy said...

I must have missed the green, but this one is cute! It is the same as mine! Obviously great Kristy minds think alike.

Kritter Krit said...


Hey, it is the same one! We Kristys are a smart bunch. ;)

Your kids are just too stinking CUTE, by the way.

P.S I figured out how to get rid of the white on my blog. There was a button I hadn't noticed in the customize section. Presto chango!

Jen Forbes said...

I'm a definite fan of this one. The green on the last one was a little loud for me. Green IS my favorite color, but not that green and not on a blog. Abby thinks (though she didn't see the green one)that she likes this one,...especially the polka dots. I like the ribbons.

Russ said...


It is pronounced "hokka dots". I like this one better than the green.

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