Tuesday, October 21, 2008

See, Mom, I'm All About Discretion.

Okay. So. If my favorite high school English teacher didn't read my blog, I would have a hilarious story to share with you all about an upcoming medical procedure I'm preparing for. (Woo hoo! Let's play Fun With Doctors some more!) As it is, I can't write about it without picturing his horrified face when he reads up on all the nifty details.

I will tell you when I called the pharmacist just a minute ago to confirm the directions on the prep, he put me on hold to research his answer...before gently informing me that my doctor was prescribing the medication in an "off-label" manner.

Yes, indeedy. She certainly is. I'm guessing that means I shouldn't follow the directions on the side of the bottle and take it with a glass of milk or a light snack. (Okay, I'm shutting up.)


I know, mom. I know. I can hear you now. I should always picture Mr. Lindsey reading my blog if that's what helps me cultivate a little tact. I'm onto something, huh?


Kristen said...

hmmmm....I can only imagine. Regardless, good luck with the med and the procedure.

Kritter Krit said...

Thanks! Yeah, I don't think it's going to be fun. You know how during some medical procedures you're all loopty-doo'd up, so you have very little knowledge of whether or not it was good or bad (or if it even happened)? And, as a result, you leave thinking, "Huh. That was EASY!"


I have a feeling today's procedure isn't going to be like that AT ALL. I'm going to be awake and coherent and AWARE. Not drugged. AT ALL. The combo of which is just not good. Eeee.

Josh and Margo said...

Mr. Lindsey reads your blog? That is truly awesome, I am jealous. Your coolness level just jumped way up. Maybe I need a hometown high school celebrity to read my blog to really boost the readership.

Kritter Krit said...


Yeah, he commented on my 101 Things and about shocked the poo outta me! I've talked with him since then when we've been in Mena visiting, and apparently Molly is a faithful follower of the blog. She keeps RL up to date on Sophie's antics.

Ooo! Maybe you could recruit Mr. Gray as your retired hometown high school celebrity blog follower. That'd help take you a notch or two up on the Cool-o-Meter. =)

Josh and Margo said...

I wasn't a band geek so Mr. Gray does not do it for me. Maybe Mr. Bates, Mr. Lankford, or Mr. McMaster. But I still think Mr. Lindsey is still a step up on the cool meter.

Kritter Krit said...

Very true, Mr. Lindsey is the ultimate in cool. Or the ultimate in terror, depending on which grade you're in.

(*This will provide interesting reading material for his wife, who will naturally assume we're both stalkers.) =)

Kristy said...

That is Funny!! My great aunt reads mine on the phone to my Grandma! So I always write it like I'm writing to my g-ma. But Mr Lindsey would be a close second. I didn't have him, cause I took Comp 1 and 2, but my sister and brother did.
Sorry about the painful or should I say "uncomfortable" procedure. Get better girl!

Kritter Krit said...


I had Mr. Lindsey for tenth grade English and for Journalism my junior and senior years. (Ah, the good 'ole Bear Facts!)

I had Mrs. Furr, out at RMCC, for Comp I and II. I remember we felt like such Hot Stuff "going to college" while we were in highschool. Hee. What goobers! =)

Remind me again, how much older am I than you? Your siblings are Julie and Greg, right? Were you in Walt's class?

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