Monday, October 20, 2008

A Little Mummy

On Saturday I was in a decorate-y mood - feeling rejuvenated by the crisp air and beautiful fall colors. I decided I was up for an outing, so I asked Sophs if she wanted to go to Lowe's to buy a mum for our front porch. She seemed excited. ...Oddly excited.

"That's a great idea, Mama!"

When we arrived at Lowe's, she ran around the corner and pointed, "THERE! Let's get that one!"

I looked over and, amongst the Halloween decorations, stood a six and a half foot Mummy - one that blinked his glowing yellow eyes and made scary wa-ha-haaaaa! noises, for when kids come to the door to Trick or Treat.

"Oh, honey. That's not really what I had in mind. I was talking about getting a mum. You know, a..."

Before I could finish my sentence, she blurted out, "OHHHHH. You mean like a little, teeny mummy. Good idea!"

Poor sweet thing. Imagine her disappointment when I pointed over in Lawn and Garden to this:


Anonymous said...

The mums are beautiful, but go get that precious little girl a MUMMY!!! Believe me there WILL be a day (empty nest) when you wish you could go buy a mummy and decorate crazy for Halloween. You can always put mums on the porch when everyone is older :)
Love ya,
Aunt Becky

Kritter Krit said...

I think we are going to get some orange lights and other "kid-friendly" spooky stuff to decorate with, but I think we'll have to pass on the mummy. That dude was $150!


Maybe we can wrap Russ in toilet paper and put him out on the porch with a tape recorder playing behind him. Think that would work? ;)

sarah p said...

That is hilarious. Your "mummy" is beautiful!

Lora Lee said...

I agree w/ Becky, I wouldn't spend no $150.00 on it, but you should decorate. DeLane is still at home, but he's 13 we don't get to do the crazy decorating like we use to and no more dressing up. So go crazy on the decorating and let her eats lot of halloween candy also. If you have to drop her off at a grandparents house after you load her up with the candy :)

Love ya'll

Anonymous said...

A Mum deserves a capital letter as she is the most important person in the house (along with Dad!!)
Mums - plants indeed. It never ceases to amaze me after all these years that there are still words I don't understand in 'American!!'
Love the newly decorated page!
Love Sally

Anonymous said...

I've told my friends this story, and they've hee-hawed like crazy! Our Sophs is one-of-a-kind! Love, Mooms

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