Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let's Celebrate The Fact That Someone's Back To Being Only A Year Younger Than Me!

Ta dah! A "huge art" birthday card!

*Phew, drawing really takes it out of a girl. Better to recline whilst coloring.

Uh huh. Can you tell from the guilty/annoyed look that tooty-fruity was caught trying to apply some purple crayon to an unapproved surface - like her jeans?

Keeping watch at the window, ready to surprise Daddy with a Happy Birthday song at lunch!

Happy Number 35, Russ! We love you! (And Sophie thanks you for letting her eat four of your six crablegs at Red Lobster tonight. Mmm.)


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Russell! Thanks for making us feel young. : ) Just kidding....35 is way young. Hope your birthday was great.

Soph....fantabulous birthday singing. I mean, really superb. I love how you got in a plug about your being older than Solomon, too. He's been wondering for a while when he's going to be older than you....bad news for him about that.

Love you crab leg-eatin' birthday party-ers....partiers....hmmmmm, it must be bedtime. Is that even a word?

Anonymous said...

So cute, who could resist that sweet birthday song? Glad you had a nice night and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUSS!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and much love from the Schultes!

Lora Lee said...

Tell Russell Happy Birthday from me. Love the huge card and waiting at the window.


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