Tuesday, October 14, 2008

All Gussied Up And Ready To Paint The Town Red And Black

Last Friday night Sophie had a date with her Daddy to the Mena Homecoming football game. He even got her a corsage for the special event. A miniature version of what the big girls were wearing.

Remember those mums we used to wear? Schikies! I recall having one the size of my head. I could barely hold my shoulder up from the weight of the that bad boy - with all of its trinkets, beads, braids, ribbons, and assorted nifty doodads. But it was all good. What's a little neck strain when you look FABulous! (Sophs found a whistle buried in hers. Oh, boy! Talk about excitement! ...For her. Not so much for her date.)

Oh, and remember how girls would put the jersey number of the football player they were dating on their corsage? Well, on one of Soph's ribbons, instead of having #10 on it, we put "Quarterback's daughter - 1992". A detail which made her very popular with the Cool Crowd, of course.

She was pretty jazzed to show Fafa her "cornflage" when he got home from work. ...Seriously, isn't this just about the cutest thing ever? Even from her back, you can tell how proud she is.


Also, here are some pictures from Adam's football game. He's a coach at Pulaski Academy and was playing in Hot Springs that night. (Unlike poor Mena, who, um, how to put this nicely - didn't win, Adam won his game - thoroughly.) Aren't my niece and nephews CUTE? Their parents aren't too bad either. Hee.

*Ella, Carol, Adam, and Wylie.

*Amanda and Dax


sarah p said...

Oh the corsages...lovely. I love that they made a pint-sized one for Sophie. Her stance in showing it to your dad is quite proud. With her little leg stuck out like that. Little Miss Thang, she is.

Those pictures of Russ's family are great! Who's camera is that? Love them.

Hope all is going well in weird medical land for you. Thinking about you!

Kritter Krit said...

I know. Don't you love the shoulder cocked forward, like, "LOOK!"

I think it's Adam's "team" camera. (Although Adam always seems to be the one in possession of it.) Not too shabby, huh?

Weird Medical Land is still pretty much the same. Weird. (Ugh.) Thanks so much for praying.

Lora Lee said...

Oh she looks so grown up. Was Russ having horrible flashes of what the future holds? :) You will have to bar the windows. I also love the shoulder shoved forward. Glad to see Adam and Amanda plus family. Thanks

Love ya'll

kathy said...

Just catching up on blog stalking - it was so good to see you last week. Sophie has absolutely stolen my heart - again. Love the corsage pictures. Great fun!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I love that Russ took her to a game!

BTW LOVE the new blog template? Where did you get it...I need an upgrate pronto :)

Lisa said...

This is the sweetest thing ever! A corsage and a homecoming date with her daddy...I feel like I'm watching a Full House re-run! Too sweet. She looks adorable, and I love the picture of her proudly displaying her treasure for Faf.

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