Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ghost Stories - By Sophie

"The Creature Came And Did Like THAT!"

Yeah, we have no idea who "Feel" is, but he always seems to make an appearance when she tells spooky stories. I like how she's sympathetic to my 'Fraidy Cat face behind the camera and changes her tone from "goblin" to sing-song-y. And how the children "hide behind the plate when they see the scary red, firecracker light". (Otherwise known as the recording indicator on the camera.)


"The Creepy Slug Goblin That Jumped Out At Me!"

I know, I know. I'm stuck in middle school. The giant whoopie cushion toot that she rips mid-story cracked me up. I love how, despite the outburst from me, Sophie remains focused in her story telling. But seriously, what the heck did the child eat for breakfast when I wasn't looking - boiled cabbage and a can of pinto beans?


Val said...

That girl is destined for the theater and big screen! I love it!!

Kristen said...

Honestly, I almost peed my pants watching these clips...Sophie is hilarious and I LOVE her facial expressions and hand gestures too. Perfect. The toot just sealed the deal ;) Also, her imagination is wonderful!

I know what Fia and I will be watching again, and again and again...

Kritter Krit said...

Is that not HYSTERICAL??

I seriously should probably warn people to strap on a Depends prior to viewing. =)

Kritter Krit said...

Hey Moomsie,

Did you notice that she talked about Feel being gray? Apparently after your discussion that day in the clay shop, she has decided that gray is a color fitting a Halloween creature.

The child is a hoot. Now anytime she sees something gray, she blurts out, "Mooms doesn't like gray!! It's like prison!"

Anonymous said...

I'd already used the bathroom, but that was pretty darn funny.


Anonymous said...

HAAAAA!!!!! That is some funny stuff. Do you think she could re-tell some of those for me in person?? Minus the toot, of course, (which I, by the way, found just as funny as you did!)


Josh and Margo said...

That is awesome. Although it would nice if you could translate some of what she was saying. I think only parents can understand kid talk.

Kritter Krit said...


I thought about translating, but then I listened to it and decided it was pretty easy to understand. But I'm sure you're right. I was probably hearing it through parent ears. ...And I can never understand other people's kids. So, yeah. =)

Anonymous said...

Like I have said many times before..... That kid just ain't right!!!!!!! Mental Health be on ALERT :)

Happy Halloween,
Aunt Becky

PS - However, her language skills are AWESOME!!!!!!!

Kritter Krit said...

Oh, good, so a psychopath with excellent communication skills. We'll be so proud. =)

Anonymous said...

At least she'll be able to clearly communicate her problems!!:)

Love ya,
Aunt Becky

Lisa said...

The whole family is gathered 'round the computer cracked up! The part in the first movie where she suddenly SPLATS against the camera....we all lost it. Love that girl like crazy.


jakeandjoanna said...

I was already laughing hysterically just reading the line about the "giant whoopie cushion toot" so you can only imagine how hard I was laughing when I saw the video! Sophie is so stinkin' funny (no pun intended)! ha ha

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