Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Love It When Life Makes You Laugh Out Loud

Here's something that's sure to entertain. I was perusing through old movies and found a video clip of Sophie when she was first learning to walk. I love how she starts off staggering in one direction, and then like a shopping cart with a messed up wheel, veers off crazily in another direction.


And very exciting, she seems to think. Poor little kook, she darn near hyperventilates from the glee of it all! ...And isn't her little Marine hair a hoot? Who knew she had those crazy curls under there, just waiting to boing out!


Lora Lee said...

She is just so cute! Thought I was on the wrong site at first. Not only was the colors different, but there was only a pic no comments or anything. When you scroll through the blog it is actually easier to read than you first think. Love ya'll

Kritter Krit said...

Thanks for the feedback, Lora Lee! I'm trying to tweak it a bit to help readability. I'll probably be NUTS before I'm done fiddling with it (design stuff is not really my strength). =)

Anonymous said...

To back track... I love the pic of Sophie and Russ on their Homecoming date!!!
I love the new blog .. very refreshing :)
How are you doing??
Aunt Becky

Anonymous said...

Just for the record--I dislike the change a lot (Mooms says hate is too strong a word--so I'm being tactful. It's hard to read and not classy like it was before. Just my opinion, but still it is correct. We love seeing our little cutie staggering like a drunken sailor. Ahh, fond memories. I wonder if people are going to wonder where you got your propensity to be opinionated?

Kritter Krit said...


Well! My goodness. Hard to read and not classy, huh? And I didn't think you'd care one way or the other -- as long as I provided lots and lots of pictures and videos of your little granddaughter.

I actually wanted to have the blue and brown flower border, without the green center color (where the text is) - I wanted that to be cream colored, like before. But that wasn't an option, and I felt like I wanted a change. ...Now I guess I know who I inherited my stronge aversion to change and my SLIGHT opinionated nature from.

Hopefully you'll be able to press through while I decide whether to keep it or not. Thanks for the feedback. ;)

Anonymous said...

I will survive, but YOU asked.
However, you are right. As long as we get the pictures of Sophiedoodle, we can put up with the pea soup colored background. At first I thought maybe Russell had decided to "go green" and that he had designed the blog colors but then I figured naaaaa--anybody with "the knack" wouldn't be interested. If it had been pink, I would have known Sophs to be the designer, but pea soup green--go figure. Oh well! Faf

Lisa said... Soph. And what is this...age 3 1/2 months? Isn't that when she started walking? : ) It was fun remembering her then.

I loved it when Nora wore that dress, too. It was fun to see Soph in it again! The music at the beginning is funny. It sounds like pump up music for her big walk across the room!

I like your post title, too. Makes me happy.

My opinion of the new background didn't fit under any of the voting categories. I don't think it goes as well with the flower picture at the top right, which has always just looked like your taste to me and seemed just right for your blog. I feel like I'm at your house when I look at it. So don't do away with the flower picture and I'll be happy!

sarah p said...

I liked the pea color, but I like this one too. This one is a tad bit easier to read - which is key since people really need to read what you write. You continue to have hilarious stories and we love reading your blog! I love the video of Sophie walking. Hard to believe that Jax is SO close to doing it himself! One of these days I'm going to have video of him tottering around on my blog. Keep watching for it!

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