Monday, September 29, 2008

Well, At Least I Stopped Talking Long Enough To Wedge My Big, Fat Foot In My Mouth

Tonight we were outside talking to our new neighbor. (As it turns out, he went to Hendrix and remembered Russ. Small world!) We're in the just-get-to-know-you chitchatty phase of things, but he and his wife seem really sweet and fun.

We were standing in the driveway playing with their cute little white terrier, treking down memory lane - sharing Hendrix stories, when Mrs. Earnestine came outside and asked how I had been feeling.

I told her, "Well, it appears I've reached the bottom of the bucket. I'm now in the 'try anything' phase of attempting to find some relief from these stinking headaches. I'm considering acupuncture and today I actually saw a chiropractor. Bring on the voodoo medicine!"

Jacob looked over from talking to Russ and said, "Well, if you end up not liking the guy you're going to, I know a good one I can refer you to."

I said, "Oh, really, who do you use?"

(You all see where this is headed, right? ...Yeah, too bad I didn't.)

"My dad. He's really good."

Vrrrrrrrrp. Screeching halt.

Oh my gosh, I felt AWFUL. I'm pretty sure I bypassed red and went straight to purple. Good job, Kristy! A+ on your people skills. Now boot-kick his little puppy across the lawn and call it a day. Geez.


In other news: we didn't have any winners to our "Dance Concert" game. I thought Clue #4 might be the one to give it away, but I guess not. So, here you go - the answer to what Sophie was boogeying down to:

"In The End" by Linkin Park.

"Breaking The Habit" by Linkin Park.


"Who Let The Dogs Out" was an awesome guess, Chris Forbes. Way better than what she was actually listening to. I'm considering awarding a "Best Guess" prize. (Like maybe the Woo Pig t-shirt I owe your wifey from nine months ago??)


Lisa said...

Never would have guessed it in a gillion years. I was stumped. Love the dancing, though! She's ready to hit the club.

I think you should definitely pass that title on to your new chiropractor. : ) Nice. Hope it works, whatever they want to call it!

Kritter Krit said...

Yeah, quite frankly the chiropractor can cut the head off a live chicken and dance naked in a circle around us - as long as he fixes the headaches, at this point I don't care.

Jennie said...

I hope it's okay with you that I'm in love with Sophie. It's hilarious to me that she stopped to ask you about the lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Love the dancing...I would have never guessed Linkin Park, but I should have because they are one of my favorite bands...seriously!

Kritter Krit said...


I actually thought you might be the one to guess it. I remembered that Linkin Park was one of your favorite groups.

O-well. It was a longshot, I know.

Kritter Krit said...


She's a HOOT! She provides me with blog material ALL THE TIME. I seriously need to just walk around the house with the camera dangling from my neck. =)

Love your blog, by the way. But man, not good for the waistline. Everything on there looks YUM.

Jen Forbes said...

Thanks for the props on Chip's fabulous guess! That's as good as winning. As for "woo pig"...I might just have to come get it in person. I'm missing you terribly as of late. Also, just seeing and hearing Sophie is enough to make me jump in the car and head to Arkansas. Have you checked your email lately? I sent a small Forbes update for you. Feel better and keep your mouth shut around new people, ok? You're as bad as my sister...

Kritter Krit said...


YES!!! I'm so not even kidding, we need to plan a trip for you out here. PRONTO. That just might be the therapy I've been needing, best buddy 'o mine. In fact, be looking at your calendar and mentally farming out your kiddos. I may be 'a callin' soon! =)

Lvoe you.

P.S Excellent advice on the "new people" front. Keep mouth zipped. Check.

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