Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thinking About Changing The Blog Title To "Life On The Bummercoaster"

Hey guys, let me first just say thank you. Your kind emails and blog messages have been much appreciated.

Boringly enough, life has been pretty much the same since you last heard from me. Please pardon the snoozefest as I hit the high points:

-Still having excruciating headaches. The pain management doctor tried injecting the base of my skull with a steroid/Novocaine concoction. He said if it was Occipital Neuralgia causing the pain (one possibility that the neurologist has considered), I should have almost immediate relief in the intensity of the headaches. Which, sadly, didn't happen. At all. The entire back of my head was completely numb, like it had been removed, and the headaches were just as awful as ever. We did learn from this nifty little experience that it wasn't Occipital Neuralgia. So that was good - to gather some additional information about what this junk isn't.

-Still having digestive issues. Not going to elaborate much on this one (you're welcome), except to say that I'm currently three and a half hours into Operation Swallow A Camera. I'm strapped into this suspender/humongo belt/electrodes/transmitter device that is taking pictures of my innards. The suspenders and giant belt-brace very much resemble what a worker at Home Depot would wear. Seriously. All I need is one of those orange forklifter thingees and I could walk into Home Depot "undercover" and totally start loading stuff onto the shelves.

-Still crazy dizzy. I'm no longer able to drive and I'm using a walker to get around the house. The dizziness is actually the most debilitating part of what's going on. Even more than the headaches, it's the thing that's most affecting my quality of life. Ugh.

Two other kookadoo symptoms have occurred this past month:

-a numb big toe
-overwhelming fatigue and weakness after I take even a slightly warm bath

And, yes, MS has been reconsidered. No signs of it have been found on the MRI or other tests. (Where's Dr. House when you need him??)

The doctors are still at a loss as to what's going on, so (drum roll, please) they are sending me to the Mayo Clinic to see if "world renowned physicians" can figure something out. If length of time it takes to get an appointment there is a measure of the quality of services I will be receiving, I am SET. I have an appointment in December - and that's after "working me in."

The silver lining is that Russ and I have been wanting to take a vacation for some time now, and woo hoo, we're going to get one!

I hear Minnesota is just lovely in the winter. =)



Jennifer said...

kristy, i am so sorry about your medical issues. i pray that you will find answers and healing very soon!
God bless,
jennifer brewer

ps- i'm having a blog giveaway if you are interested. :)

Anonymous said...

Praying for you in ND.. Our daughters are very close in age and I met you on the BBC reflux board, but unfortunately we are still trudging away at the reflux issues.

However, I want to let you know that I read an article about a situation very similar to yours and she found relief with some chiropractic care (I am not a great fan of this, but I will try to find the article and get you a link to it).


P.S. It is VERY balmy in MN in me!

Val said...

Hey Kristy! Great to have you back. I'm sure December sounds ridiculously far away to you, but it's great that steps are being taken. We're praying that those Drs. can figure this all out and most importantly, find healing for you!

Hang in there!!! (I think you sound delightfully perky. =)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you - we have really missed you! You are in our thoughts! I hope answers are very close! Love Sally

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about you tons...thanks for posting an update. Looks like you got back to the computer just as I left for Disney, so I am just reading and getting all the updates...
Miss you and still sending lots of good energy your way. Glad you will go to Mayo in Dec.

Anonymous said...

ps. Welcome back to blogging world, oh I missed you so :)

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