Friday, September 26, 2008

Onto More Important Things...

Okay, so I know this is only going to reinforce the utter patheticness of my life right now, but I've been awaiting the season premiere of "The Office" with much, much anticipation. It's been, seriously like, THE THING I've been looking forward to for... (Okay. Probably should stop talking now.) Finally, last night was the night! Let's rehash a few of the best parts, shall we?

1.) Dwight hammering the apple into the vending machine, then spraying the swarm of fruit flies with Raid.

2.) Poor Andy, God love him. "I'll marry you in the eye of a hurricane in the middle of a snowstorm on top of a monsoon." Every little boy fantasizes about his fairy tale wedding day. Aw. ...Too bad he's engaged to the world's prickliest peanut. It can't end well for him.

3.) Angela's response to the non-refundable deposit places: "Dangerous. Tacky. Sharks. Haunted."

4.) Kelly's tapeworm from Mexico and size 2 bikinis she ordered online. She looks amazing, despite the sunken eyes and tremors.

5). Ryan. Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. I was so hoping the arrogant little twerp and his man-boy beard would somehow be back. Love that he went from "Wonderkins" to fill-in receptionist. Love that he's keeping a list of people who wrong him, to refer back to when he's back on top. Love that Jim accepted his apology, but not really.

6.) Jiiiiiiiiim. Yummy. Want to sop him up with a biscuit. Who knew a Quick Stop could be the site of such magic? Most excellent kiss in the rain. I'm a sucker for back-of-the-neck grabs.

7.) So help me, if Pam messes things up by doing something stupid with Geriatric Romancer Boy (what was up with that dude's hair - did anyone else think it looked painted on?) or one of her new "friends" there at school who make her giggle, I will have to pulverize her. ...But we all know that's where this thing is heading, right? Foreshadowing. Uh huh. You can't get anything past me.

8.) Holly's wicca-wicca-wicca-WHUH rap with Michael. The shirt rub was pure genius.

9.) Holly: "Kevin's mentally challenged and he's doing a GOOD JOB here!"
Kevin: "Wait, back up, you think I'm retarded?"

10.) Dwight and Angela's secret stress-relief sex meetings in the warehouse room. Ick. Phyllis becoming the new head of the Party Planning Committee because she was "in the right place at the right time". So great. Don't mess with Mrs. Vance Refrigeration, people!!

11.) Meredith's face. What the...? (Okay, so maybe it wasn't a "best part", but it was definitely a confusing part.) I kept waiting for them to explain why she looked like Freddy Krueger, but nope. She just stood there during the first weigh-in, all peeled and blistery, like it was perfectly normal to be minus several layers of facial tissue. Perhaps something in the outtakes didn't make it into the episode?

12.) Eeyore's...I mean, Toby's broken neck. Those zip-lines will get'cha every time. I wonder if that means he's headed back to Scranton? Eesh, I hope not. His in-my-spare-time-I'm-a-pedophile voice gives me the heebies.

13.) Andy wearing his tie on the outside of his Hefty bag.


So. How 'bout you guys? Did you re-watch it on the DVR ten minutes after it was over? ...It's okay, you can admit it.


Kristy said...

I loved, loved, loved it! AAAHHH! I will probably watch it 5 more times before next Thursday. =)
I hope Pam doesn't mess it up! That will be JUST like something tv would do to us!

And... yeah. WTH with Meredith's face? I hate when they cut out things that are informational to us!!

The Horvath's said...

Glad to see your back! Wow is all I can say about your symptom list. I am so, so sorry that you are having to deal with that without any concrete information as to why. Will be lifting you up!

Loved your top 13....
We are so not high tech, so we do not have a DVR, or Ti-Vo, BUT if we did, I would watch it five more times.

Love me some PB & J! Loved the proposal in the rain!
HATE the college boy/friend. Weird.
Didn't notice the weird thing on Meredith's face, but wish I had!
Got tired of the Dwight booty call by the fifth time they did it. Break it off with Andy, already!
I miss Toby. I know no one else does. But I do. It always made me sad when Michael was mean to him.
I love Kevin. Love him.

Thanks for the fun recap!!

Josh and Margo said...

We watched it and liked it. I was a little disappointed, it was not as funny as I had hoped for a season premier. I think they need to stick to 30 minute shows because it seems like the hour long ones aren't as good. We bought the 4th season last week and have been enjoying re-watching it. I miss Toby as well, Michael being mean to him cracks me up.

Kritter Krit said...

Yeah, I'll admit, the Toby/Michael relationship was much more interesting than the Holly/Michael one. I loved the episode where Michael told Toby to "roll his memo up real tight and..."

But Toby's nasally voice and whipped dog demeanor - man! ...Mostly it was the voice.

Val said...

GREAT recap! Thanks for posting the magic that is The Office for us to re-live. =)

* Love Jim!!! Three cheers for the back-of-the-neck grabs! I've been the recipient of those in more dreams than a married gal is allowed. jk...kinda. =)

* I must have said to Josh at least 6 times, "What is up with Meredith's face?"

* I love the Holly/Kevin mental storyline!

* There will definitely be drama with Pam and college boy, but in the end, sweet Jim will prevail. =)

* Poor Andy...

Anonymous said...

back of the neck grabs for the win

Kritter Krit said...

Oh! Michael carrying "Laptop Pam" to the supply closet to help Ronni find the colored paper clips. That was another one of my favorite parts. =)

The Horvath's said...

OK...I found the full episode online at
So I watched it again, and how in the world did I miss Meredith's crazy face??? I am thinking she got a chemical peel, cause she looked darn good in the scenes afterwards...

Kritter Krit said...


That's funny! Russ and I were JUST talking about how she probably got a chemical peel.

But, my goodness gracious, couldn't they have hidden her for that first weigh-in scene, just to avoid the mystery. ...Or maybe they wanted us to drive ourselves nutty trying to figure it out. I have spent WAY too many hours since Thursday night trying to figure out what was up with Hamburger Face.

But you're right - she looked glowing afterwards. =)

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