Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chillin' With Chuck E.

Okay, so, yes, this one is long overdue. Sophie is now four years and five weeks old. But I'm choosing to subscribe to the "better late than never" theory. For those of you who have waited patiently for a birthday write-up, ta dah!, here you go...

The birthday girl - lamenting the fact that it was still a horrendously long FOUR HOURS until her party at Chuck E. Cheese was scheduled to start.

Celebrating there with a few buddies - Drew, Allison, and Peyton. (Not sure where Drew is in this picture, but Sophie seems to be ordering him to join them on the dance pad. Ah, our delicate flower.)

[Sophie's special dance with Prince Chuck E.]

Then it was back home to celebrate with some "big buddies" - our friends, Josh and Margo. Have we mentioned lately how much we LOVE Josh and Margo? Let's talk about their awesomeness for a moment, shall we?

First of all, they came over (with very little begging) and helped landscape our front and back yard. (I was, naturally, a huge help - supervising the Gatorade distribution from inside the house.) Then, when I was flat on my back, bedridden (and so very NOT fun), they came over and took Sophie to the local fair for several hours, to give me and Russ a break...and to give Sophs some much needed time away from the house. THEN, they put aside their cool 20-something plans on a Friday night to come to hang with a large rodent, a crew of 30+ year olds (including a super neat one on a walker), and one very chatty, very hopped-up-on-sugar four year old. They are GREAT and we feel so, so blessed to have them as friends.

Also, a big thanks to Mark for leaving his office party early to have some ice-cream and cake with his monster-hunting buddy. To Mam'ma Jane for transporting the little friends to the party and enduring Mr. Cheese and his entourage of loud pals for several hours. And to mom and dad for including your granddaughter in your 40th wedding anniversary weekend. You guys are the best!! We love you! (How did you all manage to avoid having your pictures taken? Uh huh. Tricky.)

Remember the cake that Sophie wanted this year?

She was flabbergasted that I had achieved it. HER FACE. ON A CAKE! She kept asking, "Mama, how did you DO it?" (Actually, her Daddy did it. I just drew up the "plans" for what it was supposed to look like. ...But I went ahead and accepted the credit.)

This was a monumental year, in that it was the FIRST year that Sophie didn't barf all over herself mid-way through the party. Remember last year...and the year before that...and the year before that? Yeah. This was the first birthday that she actually put the cake in her MOUTH, rather than in her ear, nose or belly-button. It was also the first year that her party didn't have to be "paused" for a pre-present hose off in the backyard or a trip to the tub in a Hefty bag.

Then it was on to presents...

[Pausing to tend to some knee boo-boos after scooting 'round the neighborhood.]

All in all, despite the fact that I wasn't able to attend the Chuck E. party (a blessing in disguise, perhaps), it was a great day. And now, insanely enough, we have a four year old! A pre-schooler! Man, where does time GO??

Happy 4th birthday, sweet Sophie-doodle. We love you so much!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! It is about time! (j/k)

BTW How does Sophie like the scooter? Fia is asking Santa for one this year.

Kritter Krit said...

She LOVES it. She's way better at balancing on a scooter than she is on a tricycle. Who knows why, but she's SPEEDY on the scooter! (We got the kind with one wheel in front and two in back - so it's sturdier than a typical scooter. She still has some pretty major wipeouts, though.)

Anonymous said...

Good to know...Fia loves her bike, but we haven't taken off the training wheels yet. She sees all the "big" girls with scooters and really wants one. As long as I can get her to wear knee pads I will be happy :)

Kritter Krit said...

Yeah, kneee pads would definitely help. I haven't gotten to get Sophie any yet, so she just wears jeans (and a helmet). She has some pretty bad "strawberries" on her knees from falls before I convinced her to wear long pants. Man, bath time is NOT fun with those dudes. When the water (and then even worse, the soap) hits them...I swear the neighbors can hear her screams!

Lora Lee said...

So glad to finally see B-Day pics. I was wondering about that. Was tryin not to bug you about it since you don't feel good. Looks like she had a wonderful time.

Lora Lee

Anonymous said...

I love your beautiful Birthday cake!! Oh, how I wish I could have gone to Chuck E. Cheese with you.
I have wonderful memories of Chuck E. Cheese with Daniel and Heather. Maybe someday I can just come to Fayetteville and take you to Chuck E. Cheese.
Love you,
Aunt Becky

Lisa said...

Awww....fun to see these. She looks so big! Sounds like she's tearing it up on the scooter!

Bobbie said...


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