Monday, August 11, 2008

Woo Pig Sooie Cuteness

In appreciation of college football rapidly approaching (yippee!!), we got Sophie her very own Razorback cheerleader uniform.

Is it just me, or does she look soooo stinking grown up lately? Like I can almost envision the Middle School Her, and it kind of makes me want to squall a teeny bit.

Yeah. She digs the outfit. This is the look I got when I told her we had to temporarily remove it for naptime:

Have I mentioned lately that she's going through a bit of a Sassafrass Stage?

She is. And it's not case anybody was wondering. I spend most of the day wanting to pinch her cute little head off. She seems to have discovered her Thirteen-Year Old Self a tad early and is getting to spend a LOT of time contemplating her wretchedness in her room. But then she emerges sweet as can be, full of "I love you, Mama"s and ready to "help me in any way she can". Only to turn back into a little toot half-way through our hug exchange. ATTITUDE! Delightful.

Heaven help us if this is a preview of what Year Four is going to look like.

Pictures and updates from our time in Mena to appear soon. (Possibly very soon since I am looking for creative ways to justify not unpacking and not cleaning the house.)


emily said...

She is such a little cutie! We seem to be going through a little stinker stage as well...I never thought it would happen with a 1 year old! Owen likes to start screaming bloody murder whenever he doesn't get his matter where we are or who's around. Fun times. But at least he doesn't have enough words to be sassy. Good luck with this phase...may it be short-lived!

Anonymous said...

oh my........ she's such a cutie!
love the hogs uniform.

Kritter Krit said...


Oh, yes, the throw-myself-on-the-floor-and-scream-bloody-murder phase. Very fun indeed. Yeah, just wait 'til sweet little O is talking and has the vacab to sass off. Oh, man. I remember the first time Sophie said something sassy in response to something I'd asked her to do. My mouth fell open and I remember wanting to do the "Oh, no you DIDN'T!!" finger wave at her. This is definitely an odd phase. One moment the sweetest EVER, the next moment just rotten. MOODY. Do you think four is too young to start slipping some Midol into her milk? ;)


I know, isn't it a good look! Russ said the only thing that would make it cuter is if it had an ATM on the front, instead of a hog. Poor boy, he's adjusting to all things Razorback slowly. (But you kind of have to when you have an office at the University, huh?)

Kristen said...

She looks so stinkin cute and grown up! Love the uniform! (of course I do, hehe!) Fia is going through a MAJOR toot stage too...I do think it is the age and I am hoping that it passes. Quickly.

Russ said...

I am already looking for the Texas A&M outfit. We can't have this madness too long.

Brett said...

Uhhh, the reason you can't find a TAMU cheerleader outfit is . . . oh wait . . . let me think--oh, that's right.


Arkansas 1, TAMU 0 (at least in Sophie's scorebook)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristy! I love your blog!! It always makes me laugh so much and usually out loud. Sophie is so cute! The cheerleading outfit is awesome!! Ben has a little ways to go before he's a toot (at least I hope) but just recently he has started this crying thing when I take certain toys away from him. I am sure it is just a little foreshadowing of the fun times that lay ahead!

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