Friday, August 1, 2008

When It Rains, It Really, REALLY Rains

Oh, man. Not to sound like the Mayor of Bummerville, but it's feeling a little like monsoon season around here lately...

Sophie woke up from her nap today saying her throat hurt. She was congested and had a fever, so I made an appointment at the after-hours clinic for her to get checked out.

After I got her settled with a popsickle, I made the mistake of changing the dressing on my incision. I was instructed to take the original dressing off this evening and put a clean one on, but man... Mistake. Giant mistake. I'm still fighting the urge to pass out and/or vomit. Holy smokes, the incision is huge! And the skin around it is just hideous. Blue. Black. Purple. We're talking make-Russell-turn-white-as-a-sheet hideous. It looks like a horror movie - like some maniac with a chainsaw chopped off the entire lower part of my boob! I guess it's a good thing I don't make a living working a stripper pole. Yikes. Someone who has had breast surgery please report in and tell me this mangled boob look is normal. And isn't this just the way it works - now that I've SEEN the carnage, the pain is that much more intense.

I would just take a pain pill and call it a night, except Russ just called from taking Sophie in to the doctor. Apparently she started crying suddenly and then BLAAAAAA, puked all over the back of the van. Poor baby, let's hope whatever crud she has is mercifully quick and by some miracle not contagious, because I'm not sure my pitiful little self can take much more right now.

Oh, and did I mention that Russ leaves Sunday for a conference in California?

Yeah. You can't make this stuff up. We need prayers, guys. Lots and lots of 'em.


Kristen said...

Oh man girl, I am still keeping you close to my thoughts and I really wish Sophie well too. Too bad I am in California, or I would be offering to help you!
PS. I have heard that the brusing and swelling goes down in 1-2 weeks....

Lora Lee said...

You are in my prayers. Just remember bruising always looks worse before it gets better, so don't freak out when it starts turning shades of green or something. I hope everything turns out clear and Ms. Sophie gets better. I wish I could be there and be more help. I don't know you that well, but I still just want to hug you and tell you it will all work out. Love ya'll

Lora Lee

Jen Forbes said...

What the HECK!?!?! I just checked your blog after a LONG period of not being on the computer and it seems you've all fallen apart. I will certainly be praying for you and your dear little family.
Hugs to all.

Kristy said...

I love your blog so much! I can't believe how funny you still are, even when everything is going rough. Your 101 Things makes me laugh, then cry, then laugh so hard I snort! The It's a small world thing is making me giggle right now, just thinking about it!

My brother and sister (Greg & Julie Aleshire) went to school with you and Russell, and my sister said you look the exact same! =) She also agrees with me that Sophie is so cute and precious.

I hope you both are feeling better. I'm thinking of you!
Kristy Hall

Bobbie said...

Oh No!! Sending prayers! I hope that you are all feeling better!!

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