Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Help Feed The Addiction

The house is still filthy. The bags are still packed. Yep. And here I sit. Glued to my new computer. Unable to pry the wireless mouse (fabulous idea, by the way!) from my hand. Unable to stop listening to the XM radio coming from the nifty gadget on my desktop, where I've programmed all of my favorite channels. Unable to de-glaze and stop marveling at the super-freak speed of my internet connection.

It's.Too.Gooooooood. Must.Step.Away. Otherwise I'm going to have to catheterize myself soon.

I'm addicted. It's true.

And Sophie is taking a crazy long nap. Which should kick me into Get-Stuff-Done mode, but instead translates into lots and lots 'o perusing time in the iTunes Store. I've had a $25 gift card since Christmas, and now I'm motivated to BUY STUFF. Woo!

The problem is I'm not so swift at remembering artists/song titles. I'll hear something good on XM in the van and think "Ooo, ooo! I need to remember this." And I never do. As a result I need some help shopping. I like most everything. Seriously. Everything. Oh, well, except rap. Probably should throw that out there for all my Gangsta Buddies. No songs about, you know, rappy things.

Other than that, I'd love some suggestions. What are you guys listening to these days? Dazzle me, interpeeps, with your musical versatility and prowess. Pretty please.


sarah p said...

David Gray
Band of Horses

Those are just a few that we're listening to right now...take a listen to some of them and see what you think.

Kritter Krit said...

Okay. Apparently I've been in a hole. I've got Coldplay covered, thanks to "30 Days of Coldplay" on XM. I like them a lot. And I know I know David Gray, despite the fact that I can't think of a single thing he sings.

But the other guys...all new. I'm off to listen on YouTube. Yay!Thanks for the suggestions!

Amelia said...

Try pandora.com. It's this awesome website where you can put in a song or an artist that you like, and it will build a station around music that's similar. Then you can select, as each song plays, if you like it or not, and it will continue to re-filter. It's so rad. And the best part is that you can go back and see what it's played for you, so you will always be able to remember the artist/song that you liked.

A few of my faves:
Donavon Frankenreiter
Jason Mraz
Corrine Bailey Rae
Ray LaMontagne
Paolo Nutini

Kritter Krit said...

Okay. A deep, DEEP hole.

Jason Mraz - I know him. The other people, I'm clueless about. Man! When did I become so uncool??

Thanks for the suggestions, Amelia! How is Oliver doing these days?

Josh and Margo said...

I can help with the catheter thing.

Pandora is awesome, we love it.

As for music, prepare to be dazzled...
Arcade Fire
Regina Spektor
The Frames
The Swell Season
Andrew Bird
Cat Stevens

Anonymous said...

Brandi Carlisle!!!! Love her.


Kritter Krit said...


Yep. You dazzled me. =)


Okay, now Brandi Carlisle, I know! I've been listening to Missy Higgins a lot lately. She reminds me a bit of The Indigo Girls. She could've been the third one. Prettied up the group a bit. (Hee.) "Where I Stood" is such, such, SUCH a great song. Listen to it RIGHT NOW (said in my bossiest voice) if you haven't already heard it.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! My new fave is Jack Johnson. He's awesome. Be sure to check out Banana Pancakes. It's really sweet music. He's also the guy who did the Curious George soundtrack. I heart him.


Lisa joy

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