Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Mother: Potter Extraordinaire

Many of you already know of my mom's pottery talents. Yes, indeedy, she is GIFTED in the art of "mud squishing" (as Sophie used to call it).

What you may not know is that, thanks to my handy dad, she now has a snazzy showroom to display her gorgeous pieces - which will open at the end of this month.

I have to admit (if honesty is the policy), I'm a little sad that she has "gone public" with her hobby. Her selling stuff kind of gets in the way of my little greed problem.

Before, whenever I would come home to visit, whatever I would ooo! and ahh! over was mine to keep. I would point and she would smile and modestly say, "You like it? ...You can have it." Much to my exuberant delight, she would then proceed to wrap it up and hand it over. Just like that! I would then squirrel my lucky find away in my room, usually behind my suitcase, in case anybody else (ahem, Annie...Lisa!) might want to declare their love for it as well.

However, in the spirit of not hoarding, I'm attempting to work on the whole "thou shall not covet" thing and be happy that others can reap the benefits of her talent. Mom says I've "run out of room, anyway". Ha! Surely she jests. That is so NOT a problem. I will MAKE room. In fact, we are in the process of drawing up plans to add a whole wall of built-in shelves to our upstairs bonus room...pretty much for the sole purpose of fixing the out-of-room issue. Presto! Problem fixed! Bring on the pots!!

Still. I know. Sharing with a happy heart - that's what Jesus would want me to do. So share, I shall.

Except for this piece.

Anybody who purchases it will be hunted down and thrash... Uh, I mean, congratulated on their ability to spot a winner of a pot. Seriously, peeps, see all of those little etchings on the rim, under the lid? Those are all individually detailed by hand. Then each segment was hand-trimmed and cleaned. It's really amazing how many hours go into making one piece. There's no way I would have the patience for that. Nope.

This cute little dude is for sale in mom's shop. ...But not really. Secretly, it's mine. And probably, eventually, it really will be mine - considering the price I put on the tag on the bottom of it when mom wasn't looking. (No, I'm not proud of myself.)

All of her pieces are wheel-thrown. They are high-fire and mid-fire stoneware, as well as low-fire earthenware. She uses commercially prepared glazes, which are applied by hand. Most of the decorative glaze results are achieved through a process of multi-layering and hand detailing.

Every piece is one of a kind and, seriously, the pictures do not do them justice. They are even more beautiful up close.

Anyone who is interested in making an appointment to see her studio or who would like to inquire about the pieces pictured on her blog, can contact her at or leave a comment on her site.



Anonymous said...

I am in loooooove!!!!!! I'll take one of each thankyouverymuch. Lisa in Pa

Kritter Krit said...


I know, isn't her stuff just BEAUTIFUL!! See why I have trouble wanting to share! And it's even more amazing in person. The colors sparkle and the detailing is really impressive.

If you're looking for a unique gift (like for yourself - hee!), she has a great selection. She is constantly making new stuff -- samples of which will be pictured in the "new pieces" category on her blog.

Good to hear from you. =)

sarah p said...

Hold. On.

Your mom started a blog? Your MOM? I am uber impressed. Really. And might I just say, WOW. Her pieces are gorgeous! I love seeing different styles. The scripture bowls are beautiful (dropping Christmas hints now) and she has some stunning vases in there. Very nice. I had heard about the shop that she was opening up. I hope that goes really well for her.

Yea Suzanne!

p.s. annie TOTALLY steals all the good stuff. it's happened to me, too.

Bobbie said...

I am headed to your mom's blog now. Her stuff is AMAZING!! WOW!! I can see why you are addicted!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your mom's pieces are beautiful! I can't wait to check out the blog. To bad I can't see them in person...I am sure I would have to get a truck to take home all the pieces I would want!

Anonymous said...

I love your mom's pottery!!


Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I think the potter (or maybe it's pottress) is pretty cute too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Krist, those are beautiful! And I swear I gasped or sighed or something when I saw the pot BEFORE I read your threat! Hmmm. . . and if I did buy it, and you hunted me down to kill me, I might actually SEE you! Hmmmm....


Anonymous said...

You did a great job with the pictures of Smiley's pottery and your Dad's carpentry.

I hope you're doing better and that the dizziness and headaches are gone. Sophie is growing and changing so fast. I'm glad I have your blog so I can watch the changes.

I love you all very much and pray for you every day.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your mom certainly is talented!!

Maybe she can turn it into cash since with the economy the way it is, their retirement fund may not be doing so well.


Sarah said...

I love your blog! This is my first comment, but I read regularly and I really enjoy your humor.
How do I find your mom's blog? I really must see more!

This may go through twice, I'm having issues.

Kritter Krit said...

Hey Sarah,

Thanks for commenting!

You can visit her blog at

If you're like me, you'll want one of everything (and then need to add a wing onto your house to accomodate everything). =)

Lisa said...

Did Faf call Mooms a "pottress"? I'm not sure what to think of that. : ) These pictures are gorgeous. And even more impressive is that her pottery in person is even more gorgeous! And I can verify the accuracy of the part about you staking your claim on your favorites before anyone can get to them! Here's one I've heard a lot when I'm oogling over all the new stuff: "Yeah, Kristy loved that one, too. She's already claimed it."

If Mooms is a pottress, we may have to give you the title of pottress hogger!
: )

Love this post. You've got some crazy photography, writing, blogging, advertising skills, buddy! I give this post....some kind of award.

Kritter Krit said...


Due to the oh so nice compliment at the end, I'll forgive you for your Pottress Hogger comment!

Pottress Hogger.

Man. That just sounds like something you don't want to BE.

...But don't think that'll keep me from being one. ;)

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