Friday, August 15, 2008

Dueling Uniforms

Apparently, it was too much.

The thought of his little darling sporting a Razorback cheerleader outfit - he just couldn't bear it.

So Russ placed an emergency order online. (Seriously. He hasn't confessed yet. But it arrived Wednesday, so I'm thinking he picked the express mailing option.)

And now we have two cheerleaders. One who "Woo Pig!"s. And one who "Gig 'em!"s.


P.S. The Aggie uniform is a size 6. Which means it'll way outlive the Razorback uniform. Which also means she can wear it year-round. Lots and lots of layers will fit under that top. Yes, siree. He's a smart one, that man I married.


emily said...

I love it when husbands try to pick out clothes for the kids! When we first found out we were pregnant with Owen, Travis went out to buy the baby it's first outfit. He returned from the store with a 12 month Cardinals outfit. He said that he knew it was a little big for right at first, but figured the baby could fit into it after a couple of months. His lack of knowledge of children's clothing sizes is pretty endearing! (And Owen is getting some good use out of the Cardinals outfit this summer!)

Russ said...

First, it wasn't an emergency shipment. The warehouse or storage facility for the online store was in Gravette, Arkansas, so the standard shipping got it here in 2 days.

Second, what is the point of buying an outfit she could only wear once (like a 4T). She will have at least 2 (maybe 3) good football seasons to wear this outfit.

Finally, I want Sophie to understand her proud Aggie heritage. The Razorback cheerleader uniform is just going to confuse her.

Kritter Krit said...

Way to lay it out there for me, Sweetie. ;)

First, I was kind of kidding about the emergency shipment. I knew you wouldn't pick a shipping option that was expensive. I was just surprised that it arrived the next day.

Second, the 4T will last until she's five (it has plenty of growing room), so she'll have at least two good football season in it.

I'm pretty sure Sophie will be A-okay if she grows up understanding her proud Aggie heritage AND enjoying being a Razorback. =)

Robert (Bob) English said...

Razorback, Smazorback.


Just kidding, Kristy (well...maybe). :)

Brett said...

Okay--Russ is a man after my own heart. He realizes that his daughter needs to understand the entire "root" system . . . though born a Hog, Russ has given sweat, blood, and tears to A&M . . . and thinks his daughter needs to have allegience to both.

Which outfit will she wear come next year when UA / A&M start their 10 yr series? I say go with the home team. But, that's what i would do . . . how bout the higher ranked team? Also, a good idea . . .

Robert--you traitor. I totally remember you partying like a rockstar when the Hogs won the '95 championship. And, i don't remember you going to many Aggie events . . . hmmm.

Alexandra {{Awareness Warrior}} said...

AHEM, I am sure he ordered that by mistake. He OBVIOUSLY meant to order the bright red one that said "UNM LOBOS" on it! Seriously, WHY in the world would he want to get his daughter ANYTHING that has to do with the AGGIES when he KNOWS that LOBOS RULE!!! Did the Aggies' women's b-ball team make it into the ELITE EIGHT of the WNIT? I don't think so!!! For once we weren't in the NCAA tourney and we STILL ended up getting an E8 spot in the WNIT! See, we CAN win for losing!

Haha, you can expect this from me every time you mention the Ag*es (I can't even say the name!) ...I'm a hardcore LOBO fanatic! Don't even get me started! *runs off into the distance howling and carrying a LOBO flag*

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