Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Behold the Beauty of Technology

You know that list of "Key People" that everyone should have readily available in their Rolodex of contacts: plumber, doctor, lawyer, electrician, handyman? Well, I would venture to suggest that Computer Guru should be added to the top of the list. (And if you can finagle it to where they're a friend and you manage to procure their services for free, well, give yourself a big high-yippee!-five.)

Tonight our prehistoric, molasses-slow computer got replaced with a new, lovely laptop and monitor from Dell. We've been waiting for it for seven weeks. (Note to self: Never order your new computer when every teenager on the planet is ordering theirs. The back-to-school rush for laptops made for an insane wait.) In my excitement to remove The Largest Monitor In The Universe from my desk top, I forgot to take a picture of it. Suffice to say it died, tragically, and now rests peacefully in the bottom of the closet. Where it will remain until Russ straps on his weight-lifting belt to prevent hernias and removes it from the premises.

My best bud, Mark, a.k.a. Mr. Computer, graciously came over to handle setting everything up for us.

It was quite the process. Fortunately, Mark is almost as anal as I am about Unruly Cables and came prepared with a seven-port USB hub and lots 'o Twist-ties, ready to wrangle the little buggars into tidy submission.

He had an assistant (who seems to have lost her pants), right there at his beckon call. Anxious to shine her handy-dandy flashlight in his eyes and fall out giggling. Which helped immensely, of course...

Finally after hours of downloading software, transferring files, and setting everything up JUST SO, we were All Systems Go. Everything worked. Perfectly. Even the ever-persnickety Kodak Easyshare software. (Which ended up costing me a lunch in Bet Repayment. Let's just say I didn't have full confidence in Mr. Computer's restoration skills...and I was wrong. Lesson learned: Never bet against Mark in computer related matters or Trivial Pursuit.)

Yeah. He was pretty proud of himself.

As he should be.

Ahhhhhhhh. Ain't technology grand?? I have a laptop! YES!!

Of course, I can't use it at my parents house. But I can drive down their dirt road with it on my lap, where I'm prepared to sit in the Schultes' driveway and pirate their wireless internet connection.

Hee. I'm kidding. I think.


Anonymous said...

yeah... i'm so glad that you got your new computer... maybe we can skype now.
miss you.

Kritter Krit said...


Thanks! It has a webcam built in, so I'm ready to go! We were going to set up Skype last night, but by the time everything was up and running again, it was late and poor Mark was pooped. But that's on the To Do List for this week.

I'm excited! I can't wait to talk to you both, and Sophie can't wait either. She's dying to see you guys on "Kype" (as she so cutely calls it). =)

Love you and miss you bunches.

sarah p said...

I am cracking up at you sitting in mom and dad's driveway ... the glow of the laptop shining on your face.

Hooray for a new, speedy and snazzy computer! It looks great. Mark is the best!

Let us know when you get Skype hooked up. We'd love to chat with you too!

kathy said...

you can sit in my driveway anytime - you can even come in and use the bathroom if you need to!

Kritter Krit said...


Mark is the best. Russ now defers to him in all computer matters. And it thrills him to the very core. We used to drive ourselves batty trying to figure stuff out - stuff that takes Mark a milisecond to fix. Computer People rock! =)


Thanks! Yeah, you probably didn't want me using a bush outside, huh? I say that because that's Sophs new favorite way to go to the bathroom. She and Sol got to "go behind the big bush" when nature called while they were in the pool (to avoid tracking puddles of water in the house). And now she thinks it just GREAT! Whenever we're outside now (in our very populated neighborhood) I catch her trying to peel down and squat. I keep trying to reinforce that "tee-teeing on the ground" is not cool. Or socially acceptable. That Mooms's house in the secluded country is an exception. But you know Sophie, so you know how that goes.

Mark said...

Awwww...thanks for the shout out, Kris. I'm glad you like your new "snazzy" setup.

And, of course, I couldn't have done all my techo-handywork without my cute little "twist-tie assistant / flashlight holder" and my trusty Bon Jovi t-shirt! Wooo! :-)

So I was pretty sure you would dig the new laptop...but now I'm getting a little worried that there's an "obsessive geek grrl" personality coming out in you. I mean..."stalking" the Schultes from their driveway just for the DSL?

I don't know...that might just get you a night in the padded cell down at the Polk County Jail. :-s

Kritter Krit said...

I can deal with jail. As long as they have DSL. ;)

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