Friday, July 18, 2008

And This Is Why We're Sticking With Goldfish, Auntie Em

Meet Pinky and Burger. They're very loving cats, available for adoption - should what you're looking for in a family pet be rabid and just a teensy smidge demonic.

I love how Officer Bob starts off all cuddly and pro-Pinky, proudly showcasing his finer Pet-of-the-Week points to all kitty-loving kind. Only to emit several shrieks of holy terror and a couple of potty words there at the end as he becomes Pinky's cat-scratch pole. ("Excuse my language." Oh my gosh, I snorted!)

And Burger... Hmm. Not only would I not adopt Burger, I'm not sure I would venture within fifty feet of his cage. Bending steel with your mind is no problem when you're aligned with the Dark Side. Yikes.


Lora Lee said...

Your giving cats a bad name. For one you don't ever put a collar on a cat and that is what happens when animals are mistreated. Bring Miss Sophie down here, I have two cats that she can pet, one that will let her do anything to it because it has survived DeLane for the last 7yrs. Also have two dogs that she could just lay all over and get lots of doggy kisses and germs.:) Hope you are feeling ok.


Lora Lee

Kritter Krit said...

Actually, I kind of think they're giving themselves a bad name. (Hee.)

Oh, I know, most cats aren't like these two kookadoos. I just thought it was hilarious that both of these clips are of cats waiting to be adopted. They have their big "PICK ME!!" moment and they go schizo when the camera starts rolling. Like Exorcist Kitty. You gotta love that! =)

Lora Lee said...

Kinda like kids. Whenever you want them to do something cute in front of other people, they all of sudden go crazy on you.

Kritter Krit said...

So true!!!

sarah p said...

Ok. Dave, Rachel and Jared and I all just watched these numerous times and about DIED. Poor Officer Bob. What a trooper, hanging on to the flying cat on a leash. (how in the world? - pretty sure I would've "accidentally" dropped the leash so Pinky could've gotten away FOREVER)

And Burger? Burger could have his own tv show with a personality like that. That is the eeriest sounding animal I have EVER heard. Ew.

This reaffirms my hate for most cats. Hilarious videos!

Burger also reminded me of another cat that I met once. When I worked for Ann Hatley, she had a white cat come in whose name was (I kid you not) LOVE. And the Love sounded very much like Burger. Growling and barking and whatnot. I used to be scared to walk past his cage.

Kritter Krit said...

Oh my gosh, Sarah, I ROLLED on the floor at your comment. I know! Can you believe how long he hung on to that leash with Psycho Pinky on the other end?? Even with the little language slip there at the end, he gets a prize for patience. I love how calmly he was requesting a catch pole while Pinky was twirling, and bucking, and flying all around.

LOVE. Never a more perfect name for a cat straight out of the bowels of hell. That is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

My girls are desperate for a cat!! Mike and I are not!! Great video clip!! They are both in hysterics (laughing)!! Which led to a 'need to see Sophie videos' - we can't get enough of the belly button one and the message to Germany. Please post some more video clips, Hope and Amy want to practise the accent!! They keep walking around the house saying 'Hi' in a southern drawl!!
Love Sally

Jen Forbes said...

Oh MY Gracious!!! That was hilarious. I called my kids from the corners of the house to watch this with me. We cracked up! I, too, am NOT a cat fan. Those are some seriously disturbed cats. Thanks for the laugh. How ya feelin?

Robert (Bob) English said...

So you're thinking still of getting a pet?

Robert (Bob) English said...

Now those are extreme cases.

Kristie said...

That was hillarious. On a side note, I had my baby on the 7th and of course he has reflux, I could really use your prayers as I feel like im having a flashback and im not dealing with it to well :(

Courtney Horvath said...


Now that I am thoroughly CREEPED OUT, I am going to go and pet my lovable, sweet natured dogs. Good heavens. I already steer clear of cats, and that just furthered my dislike/borderline fear of them. That is the thing that I hate most about cats - their unpredictability. They will just be lying docile one second, and then all of a sudden they are hissing and spitting and doing that weird siren noise in the backs of their throats.

I am giving myself the heebey geebies right now. And I can't wait until my husband gets home to show him!

And just for the record, I couldn't even make it through all of video number 2. I really thought I might have nightmares if I watched another second of it. Thanks for the laugh/get-in-touch-with-your-phobias moment :-)

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