Friday, July 11, 2008

I Think The Delivery Person Was Just A Wee Bit Frightened

This morning I opened the door to this:

One of the most GORGEOUS, unique birthday arrangements I've ever received!

Of course, I squealed and clapped. Jumped up and down a little and considered bear-hugging the delivery person.

Thanks, Mom and Dad. I love them!!


Lora Lee said...

Happy Birthday I hope you enjoy your day and weekend! I figured Sophie would be just as excited.

Love ya'll

Lora Lee

Jennie said...

Happy birthday! Those flowers are incredible.

I'm convinced being a flower delivery person must be one of the most rewarding jobs - you get to make people happy all day long!

Val said...

Agh! I didn't know it was your birthday. Mine is on Sunday!


Anyway, your flowers are gorgeous! I bet it just made your day to receive those. Well, have a wonderful day! I'm sure there will be a great Sophie story to tell by the end of it. =)

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful. Happy Birthday Kristi!

~Nancy & Jackson

Kim said...

happy birthday to you!
and give sophie a big we love to eat now hug from Gavin lol

The Mani said...

Happy Birthday, Cheech!!!

We love you. Hope you have a great day!

It's so crazy how much Soph and Sol have changed in the last year. It was fun watching the video of her from last year. So cute!

Lis, Zach, Sol, and Nora

oh---and I just read about Sophie's curls. I know you felt like barfing when you saw that...(more than usual lately). At least it wasn't a finger, right?
: )

Anonymous said...

happy birthday. we love and miss you.
walt and annie

Brett said...

Happy B-Day, Kristy, from Hillerod, Denmark. Love you guys--wish I was there!

From 7 time zones away,
Brett (a.k.a. Sarcazmo!)

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