Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Sample of the Type of Thought-Provoking Conversation I Have All Day

"Hey, Mama, start your canine!"

"Say what, Sophie? That doesn't make a bit of sense. Do you know what a canine is?"

"Yes! Start your peabrain canine!"

"Sophie, what language are you speaking?"

"Um. Well, it's not Spanish. It's, uh, something else... German!"

"And where did you learn to speak German?"

"Scooby Doo."


Anonymous said...

Wir finden dein Deutsch sehr gut! Wir möchten mit du zusammen Deutsch sprechen. Wir liebe dich viel!
Tante Annie und Onkel Walter

We think your "German" is very good! We would like to speak German together with you. We love you very much!
Auntie Annie and Uncle Walt)

Great post, Kritter - we LOVE hearing these stories!

Kritter Krit said...

Hee! I thought you guys would like that conversation.

I trust Scooby Doo is doing a fine job of teaching you German as well? ;)

P.S We LOVE Tante and Onkel. I'm pretty sure we're keeping those regardless of where you are!

P.P.S We miss you oodles!!!!

sarah p said...

Ah, yes. Annie was just telling me about a rousing language class that they had where Scooby was the guest speaker.

Where does she get this stuff? That's hilarious!

I vote that we keep Tante and Onkel, too!

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