Saturday, June 28, 2008

THIS Part I Remember...

Thanks to the nifty medicine that they give you during a colonoscopy, I remember shockingly little about the events that transpired in between: "You're going to start to feel a little sleepy..." and "Okay, we're all done!"

However, in recovery, I do distinctly recall hearing an elderly woman talking (very loudly) to her "uncooperative" husband in the next cubicle over. "Roy... ROY. You need to wake up and pass gas, Roy."

When Roy wouldn't oblige her request, she'd yell it. WAKE UP AND PASS GAS, ROY!!

Despite my woozy, half-there state, I cracked up. Snorted. Then the giggles set in.

Poor Roy. It's hard enough to correctly identify your name post Verced. Where you are...why you're there. Where your pants went. To snap to and toot on command?


I'm guessing life with Mrs. Roy is a special kind of fun. Come to think of it, Roy probably rather enjoyed those quiet forty minutes spent with the scope.


Edited to add: This is hilarious. A must read. (Seriously, it's required. You'll thank me.) Although, I feel compelled to warn you, put down any food or beverage you might be consuming prior to doing so. I laughed so hard, I hurt myself a little bit. Snorting a muffin into your windpipe - not particularly comfy. Holy smokes. Thanks for the humongo laugh, Courtney!


Courtney Horvath said...

That was reallllly funny. It reminded me of this article that a friend linked on his blog that I thought you might appreciate. Copy and paste this link....

And, my shiny hair (thanks for the compliment) is credited to Garnier Fructis Style Water-Based Shine Wax (hello, can we say mouthful and overkill on the product name). It is in a little round plastic container of only 2oz, but it lasts me forever. I just put a little on my fingers, rub it on my hands and rub it into my hair, avoiding the root area so I don't get that haven't-washed-my-hair-in-a-few-days look.

I just might have to write a blog about this! Thanks for the creative inspiration :-)

Kritter Krit said...

You really SHOULD do a post on how you get your hair the way it is (complete with step-by-step photos). Seriously. You have shine to kill for. =)

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