Monday, June 9, 2008

Less Patience, If That's Possible, Than Her Mother

(Knocking oh so delicately on the bathroom door...)

"Hey, Mama! Can I have an orange, please?"

"Yeah. Wait just a second, Sophie. I'll be out in a few minutes."

"Okay, Mama."


TWO minutes later, I walked out to find this:

A crime scene, involving one badly abused and mangled orange - lying in a pool of its own juices and tears.

"Um, Hannibal? ...(I mean) Sophie?"

"What part of 'wait' did you not understand?"

"Well, Mama, I did. I waited. But then I peeled it all by myself! Mmm. It's really good. SEE?"

Serenity. Now.

"Yes, child, I see."

My advice to the rest of the Fruit Bowl: Run, little green apple, RUUUUUUN! It looks like you're next up for slaughter.


P.S Her t-shirt, in case you can't read it, says: "I do all my own stunts." We got it for her, ironically enough, right before she broke her arm in two places at 18 months doing a swan-dive off a dining room chair. Now it's her night shirt. Comes in handy for those after-dark stunts, like when she falls out of bed, mid-snore, and bounce/rolls totally befuddled over to the closet. ...Yeah. That was last night's trick.


Brett said...

Hilarious . . . I laughed all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark!

Give my perfect little Sophie a big hug from her Uncle Brett!

Melissa said...

"Yes child, I see." hahahaha Sophie, what a spaz. That actually soundsl like something I would've done when I was little.

Russ said...

I think Soph has more patience than her mother. I am just glad that one of us has a tad bit of patience around here.

-- Never a dull moment!

Bobbie (mommy2alex&riah) said...

HAHA!! They NEVER wait a second!! That means "go get it" to them!! ;) Another law I've learned as a mommy! hehe

sarah p said...

That really funny.

You could write a book on this kiddo. Please tell me you're writing a book.

Love you guys!

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