Monday, June 2, 2008

Long Time No Post

Hi, Bloggy World. Again, not dead.

I know. I do this, don't I? Postpostpostpost like mad, and then whiff, nothing. I apologize for keeping you, my most faithful ten readers, hanging. ...Thinking we're still strapped to the chair at the dentist's office.

Russ has been in the Netherlands for the past week, so Sophs and I loaded up and made the trek to Mena to visit the grandparentals. Rumor had it that Mooms and Faf were going to open the pool "very soon", so we packed our bathing suits and crossed our fingers. We arrived to find one freshly uncovered, very green and pond-like swimming pool. Seriously, the only things missing were the lillypads and tadpoles. When Sophie saw it, she exclaimed, "WOW, Fafa! Can you make it pink next? Pink is my very favorite!"

Pure cuteness. (And pure coldness, may I say, about the swimming pool after a rainy May. YeeeOWSER.)

While there, as always, we contended with the internet issue. Or lack-of-internet issue, as is more accurate. Seriously, if you're ever starting to worry about our whereabouts, you can probably safely assume we're in No Man's Land, experiencing a Technology Blackout. (That's what happens when you cross to the non-Schulte end of the dirt road. Hee.)

Before making the trek to Mena, we returned to the dentist for the first two fillings. Yes, despite what they had hypothesized, they were able to tackle two in one visit - that's how sweet of a peach Sophie was during Phase I of Operation Grill. She just breathed in her "ET gas" (as she so cutely called the nitrous oxide) and opened wide. Granted, these were the easier cavities of the four. (The next are larger and will involve a total numbing block. That will be just loads of lovely fun, I'm sure.) Still, she was a little trooper. The dentist and hygienists were amazed. They kept praising her on her good behavior and telling me, "My goodness, she's just a doll! So sweet! So well behaved! So mannerly!" Sophs kept telling them, "Fank wu!" through her mouth full of cotton and instruments.

I smiled proudly and thanked them (cautiously), knowing all too well it could easily turn on a dime. Three-year old behavior is a bit of a crapshoot. One moment nice. *Blink* The next moment oh so naughty.

Example A.) The lovely little bratified moment when The Delightful One threw naked Barbie at Mooms, demanding a sparkly hot pink dress be applied tut suite!

I know I had to be standing there stunned. Open-mouthed. Seriously, child. What the...? You've got to be performing a skit. Or testing my limberness - seeing how quickly your squatty mom can vault over the coffee table. I'm telling you, Papa Harold was right that time. Sometimes there's just nothing else to say. "Nuts." It replaces a world of adjectives.

I'm not sure what it is about this age. It certainly has twinges of manic laced throughout it. The gap between everything-nice and spawn-of-the-devil is often imperceptible.


We're back home again. Sophie and I were happy to greet our little jetlagged Netherlander, who returned with many 'a tale of beautiful scenery, great food, and more-than-slightly shady (acceptable) public behavior. Translation: Pot smoking in the coffee shops, scantily clad "night ladies" in shop windows - pointing and beckoning, and liquor in the vending machines next to the Cheetos and M&M's. Woo hoo!! ...And here we are in Arkansas - appalled when they consider putting a wine section (shh...whisper it!) INSIDE the Sam's Club. Imagine it, Turning Leaf right adjacent to the gallon jar of mayonnaise and handy dandy 64-pack of toilet paper. The horror!

I had hoped to post some pictures, along with a video or two of the happy daddy/daughter reunion and gift distribution. But alas, the computer is not well. The external hard drive died a loud clicky death a few days ago, and tonight other things are acting kookadoo. Like downloading pictures from the camera to Kodak Easyshare. Yeah. Not easy. Or sharing. Just sitting there blinking, teasing me with the occasional hourglass hint of doing something. But, nope. Ugh! Computers: Can't live without them. Can't throw their wretched little funked up selves out the window fast enough!


In other news: Happy 5th birthday, Seth! We love you. You're never far from our hearts.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, miss you girl! Glad you had a nice time in Mena...looking forward to the pictures when your computer cooperates!

sarah p said...

Welcome Back! I was going to call you tonight if you hadn't posted. I was a teensy bit concerned.

Glad you could go and spend time in Mena with the folks (jealous!) and sorry for the lack of internet capabilities there. (your comment about the end of the road made me chuckle)

Give Sophie a hug from us!

Anonymous said...

Kristy - I seem to remember "Mener" was known as the 'boon docks' by you in college! I never did get to swim in that pool! We have missed your stories and photos. Didn't know Russ was closer to us than you the past week or so. I can just see his face experiencing the Netherlands - London was tame in comparison and his eyes were big here!!

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